Baby joy after struggle with severe endometriosis symptoms

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Natalie’s stomach used to bloat so badly on some days that she looked six months pregnant – which was cruelly ironic as she and her husband Alex had been unable to conceive.

New Endometriosis Fertility Service launched by Bourn Hall

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A comprehensive Endometriosis Fertility Service is being launched by Bourn Hall to provide specialist advice for those requiring fertility treatment – or fertility preservation ahead of surgery.

Struggling to conceive? Hit the gym and carry on

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Kate remembers clearly the years of heartbreak and disappointment at being unable to get pregnant – as many of her friends completed their families.

Painful, heavy periods are not normal, warn fertility doctors

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Many women are often not aware that painful, heavy or prolonged periods are not ‘normal’ and can be a symptom of endometriosis, which may have been masked by the use of contraceptives.

Shanna given choice of hysterectomy or motherhood at 21

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Shanna’s excruciatingly painful periods got so bad she was offered a hysterectomy when only 21. But she had always wanted children so it was ‘absolutely no way.’

Bourn Hall Fertility Fair: Support for your fertility journey

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For many couples who struggle to conceive it can come as a complete shock. The Bourn Hall Fertility Fair aims to answer your questions about infertility and provide a pathway forward to help you take the next step.

Endometriosis and fertility

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Up to half of women with endometriosis – where tissue can grow over the ovaries and fallopian tubes – are affected by fertility issues. Worryingly, few women know that surgery to alleviate the symptoms may also cause damage to their reproductive organs.

First Mothers’ Day for Laura after emotional journey

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Laura will be celebrating her first Mothers’ Day and is sharing her emotional journey to raise awareness of some of the misconceptions that still exist around fertility

Mum with ‘invisible’ condition offers hope to others

Home > Your stories       Posted - March 23, 2018

After suffering an early miscarriage as a newlywed, Paula had been unable to get pregnant again naturally. Tests revealed that she had severe endometriosis as well as polycystic ovary syndrome.

Mum beats endometriosis to have longed-for baby

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Many causes of infertility have no symptoms; Victoria’s infertility was caused by a condition called endometriosis, which was only uncovered when she had to have emergency surgery

IVF baby starts school and makes Mother’s Day

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This year four-year-old Alex will be able to write his first Mother’s Day card, making it extra special for his mum Victoria, who struggled to conceive due to endometriosis

Miracle baby ends period of pain

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A laparoscopy revealed that Jenny had endometriosis, a condition affecting around 2 million women in the UK and the reason for her infertility.