NHS funding

A comprehensive guide to NHS IVF funding and frequently asked questions

Bourn Hall are a leading provider of NHS-funded IVF and specialised fertility services in the East of England. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with valuable information about NHS IVF funding, eligibility criteria, and answers to the most frequently asked questions. We understand the importance of access to affordable IVF treatment, and we’re here to assist you throughout your journey.

Understanding NHS IVF funding at Bourn Hall

At Bourn Hall, located in Cambridge, Colchester, King’s Lynn, Norwich, Peterborough, and Wickford across the East of England, we offer the possibility of NHS-funded IVF treatment for eligible patients. Learn more about our collaboration with the East of England and East Midlands NHS, getting referred, the regions we serve, and the benefits of choosing Bourn Hall for your IVF treatment.

Eligibility criteria for NHS IVF funding

NHS funding arrangements for IVF treatment can change periodically and are determined by your local Integrated care boards (ICBs). To determine if you’re eligible for NHS-funded IVF at a Bourn Hall clinic we recommend contacting our patient services team. They have the expertise to advise you on the current criteria and assist you in navigating the funding process.

Frequently Asked Questions about NHS IVF Funding

We address the most common questions about NHS IVF funding. Find the answers you’re seeking regarding funding options, waiting lists, success rates, and alternative options for accessing IVF treatment.

Can my IVF treatment at Bourn Hall be eligible for NHS funding?

Answer: In some circumstances, your IVF treatment at our clinics in Cambridge, Norwich, Wickford, and across the East of England may be eligible for NHS funding. We recommend contacting our patient services team to discuss your eligibility and receive personalised advice.

How do I determine if I meet the eligibility criteria for NHS-funded IVF at Bourn Hall?

Answer: NHS funding arrangements change regularly, and eligibility criteria can vary. To determine if you meet the criteria for NHS-funded IVF at a Bourn Hall clinic, we encourage you get in touch with our patient services team. They will guide you through the assessment process and provide you with the necessary information.

Are there waiting lists for NHS-funded IVF treatment at Bourn Hall clinics?

Answer: Unlike many other clinics, Bourn Hall do not have waiting lists for NHS-funded IVF treatment. Our commitment to efficient service delivery ensures that eligible patients can start their treatment without unnecessary delays.

What are the success rates for NHS-funded IVF treatment at Bourn Hall ?

Answer: Bourn Hall clinics have achieved outstanding success rates for thousands of NHS-funded patients. In fact, nearly 50% of our NHS-funded patients achieve pregnancy after their first cycle of treatment. We prioritise providing excellent care and support throughout your IVF journey.

What if I don’t qualify for NHS IVF funding? Are there alternative options?

Answer: If you don’t qualify for NHS IVF funding, Bourn Hall offer various options to help make IVF treatment more accessible. These options include free IVF cycles for egg and sperm sharers; our multi-cycle and money-back guarantee packages in collaboration with Access Fertility and Gaia who provide insurance backed packages.