Female and female fertility testing

We offer fertility health and wellbeing packages at our clinics in Cambridge, Norwich, Wickford, or at home.

Our female couples fertility testing package includes options to provide you both with results on your fertility. These include AMH blood tests for ovarian reserve; TSH to assess your thyroid stimulating hormone; an ultrasound scan; and personalised doctor-written report explaining your results.

Additionally, we include the opportunity to have a free 30-minute consultation with our fertility nutritionist to provide you with nutrition and lifestyle advice.

If you want to know more about your ability to get pregnant, we offer a free fertility self-assessment. Instantly receive a personalised fertility report that goes beyond generic advice.

Understanding your results

The outcomes of our female and female fertility checks might give you reassurance and peace of mind about your ability to conceive naturally or they may lead us to advise you about lifestyle changes that could increase your chances of achieving a pregnancy.

Following your results, we may also recommend further tests, such as a HyCoSy tubal patency test, which uses ultrasound to look for common symptoms such as blocked fallopian tubes. If we identify that treatment or surgical intervention is needed, we will guide you through your options, with advice and support every step of the way.

Is my uterus healthy?

At-home testing option

We also offer you the choice of conducting your AMH and TSH testing at home with a test kit. Should you decide on this option, an analysis kit will be sent to you with full instructions on how to conduct the tests and return them to the labs for analysis.*

Your test results will be reviewed by one of our fertility specialist doctors.

View our at-home testing FAQs here.

*We use Mojo and The Doctors Laboratory to fulfil our at-home tests. When purchasing an at-home kit you authorise us to share your personal contact details.


The following assessments are included in the female and female fertility health and wellbeing check:

Assessment typeAssessment methodIn-clinic testingAt-home testing
2x AMH Blood testAssessment of your ovarian reserve
2x TSH Blood testAssessment of your thyroid stimulating hormone
Free 30-minute nutrition consultationAppointment with nutritionist
2x Pelvic scanTrans-vaginal ultrasound scan
Personalised doctor-written reportAnalysis by fertility specialist

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