Help someone create a family by donating your sperm

Make a difference and change someone’s life by becoming a sperm donor with Bourn Hall.

Why donate?

There are many reasons why people decide to become a sperm donor, but one thing our donors all share is the desire to help others achieve their dream of a family.

Becoming a sperm donor is one of the most generous gifts you can give, and you will receive compensation of up to £35 per visit to the clinic, up to a maximum of £750.

Becoming a sperm donor

If you meet the following criteria, you can donate or share your sperm:

  • Aged 18-35
  • In good health, with no family history of hereditary illnesses or diseases
  • A non-smoker.

Becoming a sperm sharer

If you and your partner are thinking of undergoing IVF treatment, you can reduce the overall cost by taking part in our sperm-sharing programme, and receive a free standard IVF package.


To find out more, book a free Discovery call with a member of our donor team at a time to suit you. If you’re ready, take the first step and begin your application now.