Referral centres

The level of funding varies significantly across the region, so we recommend you check your situation using the postcode of your GP surgery. We can advise you on the latest provision – just get in touch with us.

Below are the East of England and East Midlands NHS referral centres for specialised fertility services, known as secondary providers. If your GP thinks you need help to conceive, they will usually refer you to one of these hospitals for fertility tests and diagnosis. If the consultant at the hospital decides that you need IVF treatment, and the NHS in your area is funding IVF, you may be eligible for NHS-funded treatment and you can chose to be referred to Bourn Hall.

Bourn Hall is one of five providers of specialised fertility services selected by the East of England and East Midlands NHS and we are the only one to have clinics based in the region for people living in the region.

If you would like our advice on the NHS funding for IVF in your area just get in touch. All you need is the postcode of your GP practice.