Gaia – The most affordable way to start and protect your IVF

We’re proud partners of Gaia – and together we strive to make IVF accessible as possible for everyone who wants to start a family.

Gaia is the most affordable way to start and protect your IVF. Begin a cycle at Bourn Hall for as little as a protection fee. Gaia fixes your cycle costs upfront and handles the payments for you as you go — no surprise bills or unexpected costs. 

When you have a child, you’ll pay back your cycle costs with a flexible repayment plan, payable in affordable monthly instalments. If you don’t have a child after 3 cycles, don’t pay back anything. And if you decide to stop trying early, Gaia will discount your cycle costs. 

As a Gaia Member, you also receive ongoing support from experts and the Gaia Community, 6 sessions of complementary counselling, the opportunity to talk to an independent embryologist, support groups, and in-person and online Member events.

Your steps to become a Gaia Member:

1. Request a quote

Complete your profile to request a quote at your Bourn Hall clinic.

2. Complete final checks

In order to get your personalised interest rate, Gaia will run a credit and affordability check and request your Bourn Hall treatment plan. This is to ensure your plan is fair and accurate. 

3. Start

Start your cycle without the hassle of paying your costs at every appointment 

Get started at Gaia Family

What is included?

  • IVF, ICSI, frozen embryo transfers, egg, and sperm donation are available under Gaia plans
  • The full cost of your treatment with Bourn Hall, including your medication
  • In-cycle monitoring – bloods and scans
  • Follow-up consultation post each new cycle
  • HFEA fee
  • Blastocyst culture
  • Embryo freezing and one year’s storage

What is not included?

Initial consultations, planning consultations, pre-screening tests, post-embryo transfer blood work and Covid-19 testing are not covered by Gaia plans.

IVF insurance, financing, and support – that’s just the beginning. Gaia exists to help you access fertility treatment in a more affordable way and with far greater peace of mind.


Give us a call on 01954 717 210 to find out more – we’re happy to talk it through.