Gaia – IVF insurance, remaking the way we make families

We’re proud partners of Gaia – the world’s first IVF insurance provider.

Bourn Hall is always striving to improve the IVF journey for our patients and that includes attempting to make it as accessible as possible for everyone who wants to start a family. Gaia’s goal is to help build families, and it does it by making IVF more affordable.

They’ve been where you are

Gaia believes everyone should own their fertility journey. Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, wherever things might end up – Gaia gives you access to the care you need to make your family.

Founded by an IVF patient, Gaia is with you whatever you face during your fertility journey. Through their personalised IVF insurance and financing plans, Gaia Members can start the treatment they need for less. If you don’t have a child, Gaia covers the treatment costs. If you do have a child, Gaia allows you to repay over a period of 8 years.

Additionally, the Gaia Membership comes with access to complimentary counselling, support groups and virtual and in-person events to support you throughout your entire fertility journey.

3 steps to becoming a Gaia Member:

1. Request

Tell them about you, what treatment you’re interested in, and they’ll create a personalised Gaia Plan.

2. Apply

They would never give you a Plan that isn’t right for you. They will run credit & affordability checks to make sure your Plan is fair and affordable.

3. Start

Before starting treatment they will walk you through the process on a call, and check the treatment quote from Bourn Hall.

What is included?

  • IVF, ICSI, frozen embryo transfers, egg, and sperm donation are available under Gaia plans
  • The full cost of your treatment with Bourn Hall, including your medication
  • In-cycle monitoring – bloods and scans
  • Follow-up consultation post each new cycle
  • HFEA fee
  • Blastocyst culture
  • Embryo freezing and one year’s storage

What is not included?

Initial consultations, planning consultations, pre-screening tests, post-embryo transfer blood work and Covid-19 testing are not covered by Gaia plans.

Get your personalised quote at

IVF insurance, financing, and support – that’s just the beginning. Gaia exists to help you access fertility treatment in a more affordable way and with far greater peace of mind.


Give us a call on 01954 717 210 to find out more – we’re happy to talk it through.