Bourn Hall is a unique place for those wanting to complete their family. Our aim is to make you feel at home – the ideal place to be when you are trying to start a family of your own.

We are a real clinic. Full of experienced, specialist professionals whose overriding ambition is to help you create your family. Our dedicated team can work with you either face to face, or (when possible) remotely.

The team who help you plan your treatments will also be the ones to deliver it. We get to know you as an individual to understand your particular needs and preferences, supporting you throughout your fertility journey. We never rely on third-party clinics or endorse a handover approach to delivering fertility care.

We are not a ‘virtual’ clinic. We have clinics near Cambridge, Norwich and Basildon in Essex, and satellite clinics in Colchester, King’s Lynn and Peterborough.

What makes us unique?

High IVF success rates

With us, after one IVF egg collection, women under 35 have, on average, a 60% chance of having a baby, and women under 40 a 45% opportunity of having a child – real value for your emotional and financial investment.

Structured patient support

We know how stressful the fertility journey can be. Our clinical team and our dedicated patient support team will regularly touch base with you every step of the way. They will be there to listen, support, explain what comes next, and help you with any paperwork.

Free nutritional care

We believe that by optimising your health and lifestyle, you will get the best out of fertility treatment. So we offer a free, comprehensive, one-hour consultation with our nutritionist to every self-funding patient before they embark on IVF treatment.

Expertise for challenging cases

We have a long track record of successfully managing difficult cases. Our areas of detailed knowledge include: multiple failed IVF treatments; low egg reserve, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), miscarriage, endometriosis, donation, shared motherhood, surrogacy, fertility preservation and transgender patients. Your consultant will give you their undivided attention and, if your case is particularly challenging, all our consultants will review your case, before recommending a customised plan of action.

Miscarriage clinic

We have developed a panel of practical investigations to find out why some women experience early pregnancy loss or miscarriage. You’ll get answers quickly, so you can try to get pregnant again as soon as possible.

Specialist andrology service

We look after the men too. Our urologists deal exclusively with difficult sperm-related cases. In our care, you will enjoy high chances of having a baby, even if only limited sperm is available. After all, it only takes a single sperm to fertilise an egg.

Research and innovation

As the world’s first IVF clinic – established by the pioneers over 40 years ago – we have helped shape today’s assisted-conception services. We evaluate every new technology and procedure, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We are regularly published in the world-renowned journals Nature and Science. We remain truly at the forefront of science and innovation in the field of IVF.