Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Sometimes conventional IVF – leaving the sperm and egg to do their thing in our laboratory – needs a helping hand. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a lab technique that may be appropriate for you, if your sperm needs a bit of extra help to achieve successful fertilisation.

Your embryos, created using the ICSI technique, are then transferred in the same way as in standard IVF treatment. Bourn Hall’s fertility experts have performed ICSI since 1993, making us one of the most experienced centres for this type of technique in the UK.

How does it work?

Your eggs are collected in the same way as IVF, and a single sperm is injected into the centre of each mature egg to assist fertilisation in the laboratory. We use ICSI in conjunction with an IVF cycle when we believe that fertilisation is unlikely to occur using conventional IVF.

In the same way as a conventional IVF cycle, one or two of the resulting embryos can then be transferred to your uterus, and any additional suitable embryos can be frozen for your future use.

Is it right for me?

We might recommend ICSI when:

  • Sperm count is low
  • Sperm motility – movement – is poor
  • You have a high number of abnormal sperm
  • Sperm has been collected surgically
  • Your semen contains levels of antibodies
  • You have previous, unexplained, unsuccessful conventional IVF treatments, or when very few eggs have fertilised following IVF
  • Tests of your sperm function have shown that the sperm would be unlikely to achieve fertilisation, or embryo quality and implantation may be compromised
  • You have chosen to use donated eggs and sperm

How much does ICSI cost?

Bourn Hall has a dedicated IVF with ICSI package. Following your consultation, you will receive a detailed and costed treatment plan based on your individual situation and requirements.

We offer discounted packages, including:

IVF with ICSI cycle – £5,845

Our IVF with ICSI package includes your medical and nursing care, in-treatment monitoring, scanning, tests and procedures, IV sedation, egg collection, embryo transfer, pregnancy urine test, pregnancy ultrasound scan, follow up consultation, counselling, nutritionist consultation, and your HFEA fee.

IVF with ICSI multi-cycle – £9,300

Bourn Hall’s multi-cycle package provides you with the option to put in place for a fixed, discounted fee, up to two cycles of IVF with ICSI. This package also includes unlimited frozen embryo transfers, freezing and 12-months storage.

By pre-paying for two cycles you will have the peace of mind that your costs (excluding your medications) are fixed and that you have a complete treatment package in place.

Each fertility journey is as individual as you are. Following your consultation, you will receive a detailed and costed treatment plan based on the options you discussed.

You could be eligible for a reduced IVF cycle, if you are prepared to help others to start a family by sharing your eggs or sperm.

What next?

Your ICSI treatment cycle is similar to conventional IVF. The only difference is that our embryologists use micromanipulation techniques in the laboratory to fertilise your eggs, instead of placing sperm and eggs together in a culture dish.

We also believe you should have every opportunity to optimise your health and lifestyle, to get the best out of your fertility treatment. We now include a free, comprehensive, one-hour consultation with our fertility nutritionist for all our self-funding patients undergoing IVF treatment. Our fertility experts will also be able to advise you if blastocyst culture is right for you, depending on your individual circumstances.

Nutrition care

Health and lifestyle are an important factor when undergoing fertility treatment and nutrition is vital for a healthy pregnancy.

A one-hour consultation with our nutritionist is provided for all our self-funding patients who are undergoing IVF treatment.

Personalised support

The nutritionist will help create a personal plan of action to tackle any conditions or issues affecting you. The plan will be practical to fit in with your lifestyle and will address any imbalances you may have.

Issues affecting you could include:

  • Low egg reserve (egg stores)
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Previous miscarriage
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Weight optimisation
  • Male/sperm issues

Optimising your success

For an additional charge, further sessions can be arranged.

Addressing your nutrition will make a positive contribution to your fertility and, by optimising the quality of your eggs and sperm, will give your IVF treatment the best chance of success.