Consultations are the best way to find out the treatment that is most suitable for you and allow you to plan and tailor your fertility treatment package.

You’re in safe hands at Bourn Hall – the world’s first IVF clinic. We are the largest independent fertility provider in the East of England and one of the UK’s leading providers of fertility services with excellent results.

For patients at the beginning of their fertility journey, we advise having a consultation with one of our fertility nurse specialists to talk about the problems you are experiencing. Our experienced nurses will be able to advise you how to improve your chances of natural conception and if any fertility tests are appropriate to help you identify your next steps.

For those of you slightly further along your journey, a consultation with a specialist fertility doctor is the next step to help you progress with your required treatment as quickly as possible, mapping out your route to starting your family.

Fertility nurse consultation

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Fertility doctor consultation

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