Endometriosis clinic

Bourn Hall has developed a tailored service to address the unique needs of those women with endometriosis who may be planning for fertility treatment or preservation.

To learn more about our endometriosis clinic, please call our patient services team on 01954 717210, or complete the form below.

Specialised approach

Our service is designed to offer a convenient one-stop assessment for patients and couples with suspected or confirmed endometriosis and involves multidisciplinary care between fertility specialists, endometriosis specialists and, where necessary, radiologists.

Our consultant IVF specialist, Dr Shreeya Tewary, brings her expertise in endometriosis and reproductive medicine to this new service. Having completed a two-year subspecialist programme and having collaborated with Professor Mohamed Mabrouk, founder of the BSGE-accredited EndoCare in Cambridge, Dr Tewary is well-equipped to offer specialist advice and integrated care.

“We understand the complexities of coordinating care between fertility and endometriosis specialists,” says Dr Tewary. “Our one-stop clinic aims to alleviate this burden on patients by providing a seamless and efficient pathway to specialised care.”

Understanding endometriosis

Endometriosis affects five to 10% of women of reproductive age, presenting symptoms such as painful periods, bowel and urinary issues, and chronic pelvic pain. It can have a significant impact on daily life, affecting up to half of all women experiencing fertility challenges.

You may have been diagnosed with endometriosis and want to know what that means for your future fertility. You may be considering fertility preservation before surgery, or contemplating IVF treatment before or after surgery. Our goal is to streamline your care, reducing the time spent navigating between different professionals.

Streamlined care pathway

Patients can expect a range of services, including thorough assessments and discussions on the impact of endometriosis on fertility.

Before your visit, we will review your previous investigations and treatments and offer additional tests when necessary.

An integral aspect of our service is an ultrasound scan, which will be conducted during your clinic consultation. At the same time, we will discuss all your results and establish your aims.

If you choose to go ahead with fertility preservation, or fertility treatment, we will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan. Complex cases will be reviewed at a multidisciplinary team meeting at EndoCare, involving the IVF specialist, endometriosis specialists, and a radiologist with a special interest in the condition.

Should surgery be deemed necessary, a seamless referral pathway to EndoCare ensures streamlined coordination of care between specialists.

Whatever you decide, we’re here to offer guidance and evidence-based information to support you.

Endo consultation and pelvic ultrasound scan – £800

Endo clinic preparation for treatment package – £1,250

Includes your consultation, endometriosis pelvic ultrasound scan, semen analysis test and the AMH (ovarian reserve), TSH (thyroid function), and thyroid peroxidase antibodies blood tests.

Take the first steps

To discuss and learn more about our endometriosis clinic, please speak to our patient services team on 01954 717210, or complete the form below by clicking ‘get in touch’.