Our professional counsellors and Fertility Support Group are available to offer you support every step of the way.

We understand that IVF and fertility treatment can be difficult, and its twists and turns can be problematic, so, as an IVF patient with Bourn Hall, you have access to free counselling sessions.

Wherever you are on your journey, you are not alone. Our medical, nursing staff and independent counsellors are only a phone call away.


Our counsellors can help you with decision-making about the implications of your treatments and offer emotional support at every stage of your treatment with us.

Sometimes, your initial consultation may mean that our advice isn’t what you’d hoped to hear – but we wouldn’t want you to go through the emotional and financial expense of IVF when the odds are too highly stacked against you. In these situations, we’re committed to offering you support and counselling.

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Fertility Support Group

Our Fertility Support Group gives you a space to talk and listen to other people experiencing infertility and to meet experts in their field.

The group is open to everyone, no matter where you live or what you are experiencing. It aims to deliver a mutually supportive and empathetic environment that allows you to connect and chat with other members, so that you can help each other on what can be an emotional journey.

Our Fertility Support Group meets monthly, is free to join and is held online using Zoom. Meetings last for about an hour and a half and are led by our independent fertility counsellor, Jackie Stewart, and other members of our Bourn Hall family. Some meetings may feature invited experts, or specific guests, who will speak on a range of topics that reflect the needs of individual members.

The aim of our group is to provide support, discussion, and the sharing of experiences with our caring team.

How do I join the group?

To join the group, please register through our events page and choose the meetings you wish to attend – you are welcome to join as many as you wish. Once registered, you will receive further information and the details for joining the group via Zoom.

Group feedback

Here’s what some patients have to say about the group:

“It was nice to be able to meet people in the same situation. The speaker nights were really helpful, especially from the embryology team. It gave a better insight as to what goes on behind the scenes and helped us understand the treatment a lot more.”

“It was good getting to know other couples going through similar experiences – finding out you are not alone.”

“We found the meetings invaluable in their support.”

“It was good to hear different experiences from other patients.”

Additional support

Our counsellors can refer you to other partner support organisations if required, and you can also access more information and support in our blog.

Bourn Hall is signed up to the Fertility Network UK’s Patient Pledge initiative that commits us to provide exceptional emotional support to patients at all stages of their journey. Fertility Network UK also has support groups running across the UK that are aimed at specific communities. You can view the groups and meetings available here.

If you have any questions or require more information about support group events, please contact our team on [email protected].