Safe and successful – options for lesbian couples who want a baby

There is much more to consider than ‘finding’ a sperm donor if you are a lesbian couple wanting to start a family. Although its tempting to ask a friend, or to go online, there are many risks involved. So if you are looking to have a baby together, this webinar is the one for you.

We have invited two lesbian couples to talk about their very different fertility journeys and the decisions they made, we have a legal expert who specialises in LGBT+ family law, and Bourn Hall fertility nurses to answer your questions.

This webinar aims to cover the key information that couples need to take into account before having a baby together.

After three short video presentations there is a Q&A session with Senior Fertility Nurse Specialist Jackie Richardson and former patients Katie and Ali.

Speakers at the webinar include: 

create a family with two mums Sarah White, Family Law Solicitor at Family Law Group
Sarah White, Family Law Solicitor at Family Law Group

Legal expert: Sarah White, Family Law Solicitor at Family Law Group – avoiding the pitfalls

Sarah sees the consequences when LGBT+ couples don’t have sufficient advice. She says: “Legal parenthood not only has an impact upon a child’s nationality, inheritance rights, and who has financial responsibility to them, but it’s also important for a child’s sense of identity.”

She will describe some of the situations she has encountered and give advice to help avoid them.

Ali and Katie
Ali and Katie

Former patients: Katie and Ali – IUI treatment worked first time 

Katie and Ali from Essex knew from the beginning that they wanted to use an anonymous donor and initially tried getting pregnant at home using ‘DIY’ kits using sperm shipped from abroad. After three failed ‘DIY’ attempts the couple came to Bourn Hall, where tests revealed Katie had irregular ovulation (release of a mature egg). “I realised that there would have been no way that we would have ever have got pregnant using the home kits,” says Katie. 

The couple had Intrauterine Insemination Treatment (IUI) at Bourn Hall which Katie describes as “the most natural fertility treatment there is” and they now have two sons, Harry and Oliver. 

Laura and Mel
Laura and Mel

Former patients: Mel and Laura – IVF after a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 

Mel and Laura from Cambridgeshire explored the option of finding a sperm donor on the internet. They decided this was too risky and came to Bourn Hall, after Mel was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common caused of infertility and tests revealed a low reserve of eggs. IVF was recommended. Mel says: “I would strongly recommend to other lesbian couples to use a regulated clinicThe sperm donor has no legal rights over a child born through a UK fertility clinic.”

Fertility nurse specialist Jackie Richardson
Fertility nurse specialist Jackie Richardson

Senior Fertility Nurse Specialist, Jackie Richardson – fertility options for lesbian couples at Bourn Hall 

There are many treatment options for same-sex female couples – IUI or IVF, shared motherhood, using known donors or a sperm bank – and the fertility health and well-being of both partners need to be taken into consideration when planning treatment. Counselling is also available at Bourn Hall to help make crucial decisions and to explore the implications of using donor sperm.


This webinar will explore the fertility options for lesbian couples available at Bourn Hall  and the wider issues to consider if you are looking to start your own family.   

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