Understanding Fertility Testing 

Would you like to know how to increase your chances of starting a family? Do you have questions about your fertility health?

Join our fertility nurses in this free webinar where we will talk you through the testing and diagnosis options available at Bourn Hall.

We will explore male and female fertility tests and talk you through the procedures included. From this webinar, we also aim to give you a deeper understanding of your reproductive system and the tests available at Bourn Hall.

We will explain what the outcome of our male and female fertility tests might mean for your ability to conceive naturally, and what lifestyle changes might increase your chances of achieving a pregnancy.

We will also discuss the options, support and advice you will receive if we identify treatment or surgical intervention is indicated.

Our events are run via Zoom and will last no more than an hour.

This webinar is now over, but you can watch the recording below on-demand.


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