On-demand event: Female same sex couples’ paths to parenthood

Bourn Hall gives female same sex couples the very best chance of having a baby

If you are in a same sex partnership, then some type of fertility support is inevitable if you want to have a baby. 

Our on-demand webinar discusses the fertility and IVF treatment options available to you to create your family, as well as addressing some key questions: 

  • Is IUI the obvious choice for everyone?
  • The legalities: How can I guarantee my partner is going to be the legal parent?
  • The rights and duties of the sperm donor, of yourselves and of your future child.
  • Is anonymity of the sperm donor a thing of the past?
  • Can we be pregnant at the same time?
  • What does the regulatory authority say about shared motherhood?
  • How can fertility test results inform your choice of the best treatment?
  • How much do different fertility treatments options cost?

Bourn Hall has its own sperm bank and also offers single women and couples the opportunity to select  sperm from other banks where greater diversity is required, or use a known donor if they prefer.

We provide a personalised fertility pathway to help you on your journey to achieving your dream of parenthood, our experts are on hand to offer you advice and support. 

Bourn Hall was the first IVF clinic in the world, set up 40 years ago to help people create their families, and we are incredibly proud that our success rates are now consistently over 40%. Our latest live birth rate per embryo transfer for patients of all ages at our clinics is 44% and for patients aged under 38 we are achieving live birth rates of 50% and above.

Everyone we see is uniquely individual and your specific circumstances will affect the way in which you choose to start your family. 

Our on-demand webinar will help you understand the options available to you to create your family. 

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