What if I need surgery?

Occasionally, as part of our fertility health and well-being assessments, we may recommend gynecological surgery to enable you to conceive naturally or before you will be able to proceed with fertility treatment.

For your peace of mind and convenience we have entered into collaborations with two local private hospitals in Cambridge and Peterborough to provide a seamless pathway enabling you to be referred quickly and smoothly to an appropriate consultant who will see you promptly for a consultation about your surgery.  Our doctors will provide the consultant gynecologist with all the information needed about your medical history and relevant test results in their referral, avoiding the need for you to have to repeat this or find the right specialist for yourself.

We have an excellent relationship with the Fitzwilliam hospital in Peterborough.  The Fizwilliam is located in quiet landscaped grounds of the Milton Estate in Peterborough and is part of the well respected Ramsey group of hospitals.  This collaboration gives patients access to a number of highly qualified gynecologists with a range of specialisms.

We have recently announced a new collaboration with the Cambridge Gynaecology Centre, based in the Cambridge Nuffield Health hospital where Mr Mahmood Shafi is the Consultant Gynecologist.  Mr Shafi is held in the highest esteem by his Bourn Hall colleagues who are delighted we have established this pathway for patients needing gynecological surgery.  Mr Shafi is also the Medical Director for Nuffield Health and Emeritus Consultant at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.