Money-back guarantee

We realise IVF treatment is a significant financial commitment, so providing a money-back guarantee could give you peace of mind.

To support our patients and allow greater access to the three cycles of IVF treatment that’s recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), we have partnered with Access Fertility to offer a pre-payment package with reduced fees. This includes a ‘money back guarantee’ for those who don’t have a baby at the end of their treatment.

IVF refund

  • 50%, 70% or 100% refund if you do not have a baby at the end of your treatment package
  • Available for women aged 39 and under using their own eggs
  • Options of two or three cycles of fresh IVF, or IVF with ICSI, and all associated frozen embryo transfers
  • Subject to medical review
  • Pre-pay fee range: £8,400 – £15,950

Benefits for you

  • Fixed, discounted fees that could save you up to 40%
  • A choice of 50%, 70% or 100% of your money back if treatment is unsuccessful
  • Peace of mind that you have a plan in place
  • Blastocyst culture, embryo freezing and 12-month storage included

Pre-treatment consultation, tests and medication are not included in this programme

Find out more about Access Fertility and the programmes they offer on their website or directly by phone on 01865 80 1000.

Get in touch

Give us a call us on 01954 717210 to find out more – we’re happy to answer any of your questions.

Alternatively, contact Access Fertility directly on 01865 80 1000 or download this leaflet for more information.