Bourn Hall Fertility Fair: Support for your fertility journey

Our Fertility Fair (  offers live chat with health professionals on Saturday 6 November from 11am to 1pm and you can begin browsing during National Fertility Awareness Week from 1 to 5 November.

For many couples who struggle to conceive it can come as a complete shock and they want to understand why they are not able to get pregnant when it seems so easy for those around them.

Others may already have had a reason to suspect they might struggle to conceive – irregular or painful periods, a sports injury, chlamydia infection in their teens, a family history of premature menopause – and would appreciate some advice.

Accessing the right information can play a key part in making the fertility journey a less lonely and daunting experience and support people in moving forward.

To help answer your questions, Bourn Hall is hosting a virtual Fertility Fair which is taking place throughout National Fertility Awareness Week starting on 1st November.

During the week we are inviting you to browse Bourn Hall’s virtual Fertility Fair to explore the different information booths and find out more about the main causes of infertility, as well as what you can do to boost your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Everyone’s fertility journey is unique and different, so on Saturday 6th November there will be the opportunity to ask your own questions in a live one-on-one confidential chat with specialist fertility nurses, fertility consultants, a nutritionist and patient support advisers.

Topics to be covered at the Fertility Fair include common causes of infertility as well as:

  • How to boost natural fertility and increase the chances of pregnancy
  • Fertility after 35 – impact of age on fertility
  • High BMI and infertility – what you can do to improve success
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – different types, role of nutrition
  • Blocked tubes and inflammatory diseases – how to check you are not affected
  • Endometriosis and fertility preservation
  • Low and zero sperm count – options for male infertility

And if treatment is needed…

  • Which fertility tests do you need
  • What is assisted conception
  • What happens during IVF treatment
  • Options for same-sex couples and single women
  • Funding, finance and treatment packages

The Fertility Fair is virtual it will open during Fertility Week and close on 12 November with live chat on Saturday 6th November.

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