New Endometriosis Fertility Service launched by Bourn Hall

Up to 50 percent of women with subfertility have endometriosis, a painful condition where tissue that would normally line the womb starts to grow in other areas of the body. A comprehensive Endometriosis Fertility Service is being launched by Bourn Hall to provide specialist advice for those requiring fertility treatment – or fertility preservation ahead of surgery.

Endometriosis is a common condition affecting 5-10 percent of women of reproductive age. The symptoms include heavy and painful periods, bowel and urinary symptoms and chronic pelvic pain. It may significantly impact daily life and fertility.

The condition can cause scarring and adhesions, leading to tubal blockage and changes to the pelvic anatomy which may affect fertility. In some cases, large cysts – known as endometriomas (or ‘chocolate cysts’) – may form in the ovaries, damaging the ovarian tissue.

Recognising the complexity of managing both endometriosis and subfertility, Bourn Hall IVF consultant, Dr Shreeya Tewary, has brought her expertise in endometriosis and reproductive medicine to a new tailored service for those with the condition.

She explains that the new service will include a thorough assessment and discussion of the impact of endometriosis on fertility. “An integral feature is the ultrasound scan performed in the same consultation to assess the feasibility of IVF,” Dr Tewary says.

If surgery to drain the cysts or remove tissue is recommended to optimise IVF outcomes, this can be done through a GP referral to an NHS BSGE (The British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy) accredited Endometriosis Centre, or via a seamless referral pathway to Cambridge EndoCare.

Cambridge EndoCare is a BSGE accredited Endometriosis Centre established recently by Professor Mohamed Mabrouk, a recognised international expert in the field of endometriosis, surgical anatomy, and minimally invasive surgery. Dr Tewary has worked collaboratively with Professor Mabrouk for many years, and this understanding will help streamline the co-ordination of care between specialists.

“We recognise the challenges that can occur in coordinating care between fertility and endometriosis specialists”, says Dr Tewary. “Bourn Hall’s Endometriosis Fertility Service will provide a seamless and efficient pathway to specialised care.”

Patients may also be referred from Cambridge EndoCare to Bourn Hall to explore fertility preservation options before they undergo excision surgery for endometriosis.

Find out more about Bourn Hall’s Endometriosis Clinic here.

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