IVF funding – how Bourn Hall can help you

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire discussed this morning IVF funding and the impact on couples since NHS funding was withdrawn in Cambridgeshire.

One Cambridgeshire couple has even tried crowd funding to cover the cost of treatment and is also looking into egg sharing at Bourn Hall. If you meet the criteria (healthy, under 35, produce sufficient eggs etc) then you are eligible for free treatment.

If the cost of IVF treatment is a concern for you then there are a number of things you can do:

Be heard – If you feel strongly about funding then do ensure you take part in consultations – many CCG’s review their decisions at intervals – Cambridge and Peterborough CCG is to review its decision on 2nd July 2019

Get advice – If you are concerned about your fertility we are offering a free consultation with a fertility nurse specialist for a limited period – just phone 01954 717210 or book an appointment on the form below.

Get tested – A fertility test for you and your partner will reveal if there are any underlying issues; if there are none, then lifestyle advice or a short course of medication to boost your egg production might be sufficient to improve your chances of conception.

There is no wait for a Fertility test at Bourn Hall and it can be completed within one menstrual cycle.  For a limited period it is available at half price details of our Fertility Health + Wellbeing checks

Consider your options – IVF might seem an expensive treatment, so we have teamed up with Access Fertility to help make treatment more affordable. The cost for several cycles can reduced with a multi-cycle package or money-back guarantee programme that offers a refund if you are unsuccessful (also unlimited IVF cycles over a two year period for a fixed fee).

Talk to us – Only a few people struggling with infertility need IVF – there may be other options to try first, but the sooner you try the better. If you are concerned the key thing is to act now. Let’s talk. (see form below)

Free fertility consultation

Before the consultation you will need to complete a questionnaire, which asks about your health, family medical history, lifestyle etc. This helps to make the 30-minute consultation with the Fertility Nurse Specialist more productive.

The tailored advice will include ways to boost your natural fertility, recommendations for tests and explanation of what the results will tell you and discussion of the treatment options that are relevant to you.

From this consultation, you will be in a stronger position to decide on your next steps. This might be to improve your fertility fitness and try naturally for longer. Or it might be to have tests to check sperm count and ovulation (egg production) – common reasons for infertility. Or perhaps it may be to gain a second opinion on a medical issue, for example if there is a family history of a genetic disorder.

The advice will be appropriate to you and your circumstances. You don’t have to be trying to get pregnant or need fertility treatment to have a free consultation.

Give us a call on 01954 717210.

More information

Free IVF for those that are able to share eggs or sperm during treatment – more information.

Free fertility consultation – more information

Half price fertility testing – more information

Please use the form below to contact us.

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