Fertility health + wellbeing

Learn more about your fertility health with our male and female fertility tests, available at our clinics in Cambridge, Colchester, Norwich and across the East of England.

Do you have questions about your fertility health? Would you like to know how to increase your chances of starting a family of your own? If so, we offer fertility health + wellbeing checks, including male and female fertility tests , with our specialist teams.

Wherever you are on your journey to parenthood, and whatever your personal circumstances, we can offer the right assessment package and support for you.

We offer two fertility health + wellbeing packages at our clinics located in Cambridge, Colchester, Norwich and throughout the East of England, including individual consultations with one of our experienced specialists. The mini check includes semen analysis, blood tests for ovarian reserve, a scan and private consultation. Our more comprehensive check also includes additional screening tests, a tubal patency assessment and a more in-depth consultation.

The outcome of our male and female fertility tests might be reassurance and peace of mind about your ability to conceive naturally, or we may advise you about lifestyle changes that will increase your chances of achieving a pregnancy. If we identify that treatment or surgical intervention is indicated, we will guide you through your options, with advice and support every step of the way.

Select a section for more detail about some of the assessments we can carry out, the advice we can offer to help you understand your current fertility health, and what your next steps might be towards fulfilling your dream of a family of your own.

Assessment TypeAssessment MethodMini check £400Full check £800
Semen analysisMicroscopic analysis of semen samples
Blood test(s)Assessment of your ovarian reserve
Pelvic scanTrans-vaginal ultrasound scan
(if required)
Blood test to confirm ovulation
(if required)
Blood test to confirm immunisation
Chlamydia Screen
(if required)
Urine test to determine if treatment required
HyCoSy tubal patency testSpecial ultrasound scan with diagnostic dye
30-minute medical consultationAppointment with fertility specialist
60-minute medical consultationAppointment with fertility specialist

If you’d rather just come along for a consultation with one of our fertility doctors to find out what the next steps might be for you, we can offer a personal consultation at a one off cost of £90.