Free consultation with a Bourn Hall fertility nurse specialist

Free fertility advice with a Bourn Hall Fertility Nurse Specialist

If you are concerned that you might have a condition such as PCOS or just want to learn more about your fertility then getting good personalised advice is vital. A consultation with a Fertility Nurse Specialist to talk about your concerns and medical history will put you on the right path.

Research by Bourn Hall showed that many people found it difficult to discuss infertility with their GP and were often told that nothing could be done until they had been trying for three years.

With fertility issues every month counts. After all, there are only 12 chances to become pregnant each year.

Note: during the COVID-19 crisis consultations will be virtual – by telephone or online in a secure environment – just let us know which you would prefer.

What does the free fertility advice involve?

Before the consultation you will need to complete a questionnaire, which asks about your health, family medical history, lifestyle etc. This helps to make the 30-minute consultation with the Fertility Nurse Specialist more productive.

The tailored advice will include ways to boost your natural fertility, recommendations for tests and explanation of what the results will tell you and discussion of the treatment options that are relevant to you.

From this consultation, you will be in a stronger position to decide on your next steps. This might be reassurance or to improve your fertility fitness and try naturally for longer. Or it might be to have tests to check sperm count and ovulation – common reasons for infertility. It might be that there are a number of other tests or options that are applicable for you.

The advice will be appropriate to you and your circumstances. You don’t have to be trying to get pregnant or need fertility treatment to have a consultation.

Still wondering about your fertility? Get expert advice

Free fertility advice with a Bourn Hall Fertility Nurse SpecialistDon’t keep wondering – come and talk to an expert.

You don’t have to be trying for a baby at the moment to benefit from free fertility advice.

Simply get in touch to arrange your consultation.

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