We thought zero sperm would mean zero babies – now we have two!

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Wayne was still in his twenties when he was told by doctors he had azoospermia – zero sperm count – and thought that would end his hopes of having a baby with partner Melissa. But after undergoing MicroTESE, a delicate sperm extraction procedure performed by Bourn Hall’s specialist team of ‘sperm hunters’, he is now a dad to twins.

Bourn Hall Fertility Fair: Support for your fertility journey

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For many couples who struggle to conceive it can come as a complete shock. The Bourn Hall Fertility Fair aims to answer your questions about infertility and provide a pathway forward to help you take the next step.

It’s time to talk openly about male infertility

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A recent BBC documentary shone a light on male infertility and the taboos which still exist around the subject. Former Bourn Hall patient Matt talks about the impact on his mental health.

It’s a game of two halves – tackling male infertility

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Mr Oliver Wiseman says: “A semen test that shows a low sperm count or poor sperm quality is just the starting point, many issues can be resolved naturally, or with surgery and/or medication.

Marathon man celebrates fatherhood

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Luke is young, healthy and fit and runs marathons in his spare time, so it was a surprise to him and his partner Hannah when it was revealed that both of them had fertility issues.

Dad celebrates his first Father’s Day

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Luke is healthy and runs marathons in his spare time, it was a shock that both he and his partner had fertility issues

Son for man who thought he would never be a dad

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A man who thought he would never be a dad celebrated Father’s Day this year with his baby son. Some otherwise healthy people can be infertile from a hidden medical condition.

Egg sharing was a win win for us and another couple

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Lucinda and Matthew felt fortunate to have Edward through IVF treatment. So when having further IVF to conceive a second baby, the couple decided to share eggs with another couple.

New techniques improve the odds for IVF couple

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Informed that her egg store was low, Jemma and her partner Carl pursued an emerging treatment called IMSI – twins Esther and Leo were born in August 2014.