Male fertility – take action

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You decided to start a family, but it isn’t happening – how do you feel?  Shocked, confused, angry, guilty? Whatever stage of your fertility journey you are, there will be something for you in this webinar which looks at fertility from the male perspective and what you can do to improve your chances of becoming a dad and cope better with the journey.

Bourn Hall Fertility Fair: Support for your fertility journey

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For many couples who struggle to conceive it can come as a complete shock. The Bourn Hall Fertility Fair aims to answer your questions about infertility and provide a pathway forward to help you take the next step.

It’s time to talk openly about male infertility

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A recent BBC documentary shone a light on male infertility and the taboos which still exist around the subject. Former Bourn Hall patient Matt talks about the impact on his mental health.

Marathon man celebrates fatherhood

Home > Your stories       Posted - June 18, 2019

Luke is young, healthy and fit and runs marathons in his spare time, so it was a surprise to him and his partner Hannah when it was revealed that both of them had fertility issues.

Dad celebrates his first Father’s Day

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Luke is healthy and runs marathons in his spare time, it was a shock that both he and his partner had fertility issues

Son for man who thought he would never be a dad

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A man who thought he would never be a dad celebrated Father’s Day this year with his baby son. Some otherwise healthy people can be infertile from a hidden medical condition.

Egg sharing was a win win for us and another couple

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Lucinda and Matthew felt fortunate to have Edward through IVF treatment. So when having further IVF to conceive a second baby, the couple decided to share eggs with another couple.

New techniques improve the odds for IVF couple

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Informed that her egg store was low, Jemma and her partner Carl pursued an emerging treatment called IMSI – twins Esther and Leo were born in August 2014.