Fertility support group goes virtual

“Meeting others who empathise and can understand what it’s like, no matter the different stage or type of fertility treatment, has brought mutual support and comfort to many,” explains Sharon Harper, who together with fertility counsellor Jackie Stewart (on right), has run a Fertility Support Group at Bourn Hall Cambridge for over 8 years.

“Gaining access to guest speakers has enabled members to feel more confident, supported and reassured going through their treatment.”

Now that the Fertility Support Group is going online, it is hoped that more people may be able to join the discussion and gain benefit from being part of the group.

Jackie Stewart is an independent counsellor at Bourn Hall Clinic
Jackie Stewart is an independent counsellor at Bourn Hall Clinic

Feel less alone

“People benefit from the group by feeling less alone with the overall impact infertility is having on their lives,” explains Jackie Stewart.

“Several WhatsApp group chats have been formed along the way and patients have stayed in touch outside of the group.

“For Sharon and I one of the biggest rewards has been to see the number of sustained friendships that have come from it, with people meeting up regularly.”

Increased anxiety with lockdown

Jackie thinks that, with the recent lockdown prompting the temporary suspension of fertility treatment, there will be increased appetite for a virtual meeting.

“People have felt more isolated during lockdown. Treatments being cancelled and put on hold have increased anxiety levels, and not being able to be around family and friends has added to the stress.

“Lack of control and uncertainty is hard enough for those with infertility, but the added challenges of the coronavirus pandemic can cause significant stress.

“There have been concerns too about waiting for treatment to re-start when clinics reopened and now there is anxiety around attending appointments without the partner being present for certain procedures, due to the new regulations.”

Coping with uncertainty - baking

Shared concerns

There are some reoccurring themes that Jackie has noticed, including:

  • I don’t feel in control of my life any more, like everything is on hold.
  • How do I deal with the anxiety and sadness I am feeling?
  • I feel stressed and I worry the stress will have a negative impact on my treatment.
  • Are there any coping strategies to help me through treatment?
  • It feels like infertility and treatment is taking over our lives.

Format of the virtual fertility support group meeting

The plan is to use Zoom for the virtual group, so people will need to register their interest ahead of the meeting; they will then be emailed an invitation to attend, with some helpful information attached. This will include a request to reply confirming they have read and received the information. The link to the meeting itself will follow once these details have been confirmed.

The intention is to include presentations from guest speakers and also to create a facilitated group discussion. This could be in the form of written questions submitted using chat, or if participants are happy to ask questions themselves they could indicate they want to comment and be given space to do so. There will be organisation behind the scenes to make it flow and let people contribute in the way they wish.

Jackie continues: “The plan is be for the meeting to last no more than 1.5 hours and run earlier in the evening, possibly from 6.30 to 8pm once a month.

“The meeting has always been open to patients and non-patients and I think there should be a minimum number of eight for it to run successfully.”

If you would like to participate in the virtual meeting just send an email to sharon.harper@bourn-hall.com

Virtual fertility support group meeting at Bourn Hall

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