Fertility Support Group – Work, Life and IVF 

Our next group meeting is 21 January at 6:30pm

How to balance the demands of work while coping with the stress of infertility is a big issue for many people. With so much uncertainty already in the workplace there are particular concerns over how treatment will impact work and career prospects.

At the next Fertility Support Group meeting on 21 January we are discussing the issues that affect both men and women going through treatment and sharing personal experiences, tips and advice on how to balance work and life during the fertility journey. We have two special guests followed by an open discussion.

Francesca Keen
Francesca Keen

Patient Francesca Keen juggled a demanding job in the city with four rounds of fertility treatment. After struggling to keep up appearances at work while coping with the emotional roller-coaster of fertility treatment, she came to the understanding that she needed to reduce stress in all aspects of her life for the next cycle. Opening up to her line-manager about her situation and being more honest with friends and colleagues, achieved unexpected benefits.

Everyone’s situation is different, but Francesca hopes that sharing the things ‘she wished she had known earlier’ will be helpful to others and stimulate a discussion of coping strategies.

Robert Whitaker
Robert Whitaker

Rob Whitaker is head of Tees’ employment law department. Rob is a specialist in employment law and provides expert advice around family friendly rights and anti-discrimination law.

Infertility is a medical condition not a life-style choice and many employers are not aware of this. Knowing what you are entitled to and how to negotiate more flexibility with your employer can be helpful in reducing workplace stress. Rob is happy to answer your employment law questions.

Fertility Support Group

Our Fertility Support Group, held virtually, is led by our independent fertility counsellor, Jackie Stewart, and other members of our Bourn Hall family.

Joining the group meeting gives you the opportunity to talk to other people experiencing infertility, with members supporting each other on what can be an emotional journey.

About the group

Held monthly from 6:30pm using Zoom, for approximately an hour and a half, we invite experts to speak on a range of topics that reflect the needs of individual members.

The group offers:

  • Free attendance for all
  • Guest speakers
  • Facilitated meetings with Question & Answer sessions
  • Caring, supportive staff
  • Opportunity to meet other people who empathise
  • Helpful information

Register your place now

If you would like to join the group on the 21 January register your interest by using the form below and Sharon Harper, the Group Administrator, will be in touch with further details.

For more information about upcoming fertility support group events please contact Sharon on sharon.harper@bourn-hall.com.

We look forward to welcoming you to the group.

Future Support Group meetings will be held on:

  • 18 February
  • 18 March 

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