NHS IVF funding in the East of England

NHS IVF funding is a complicated story. Until 2014 all the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in the East of England offered the same level of provision to all eligible patients, which was in line with the NICE recommendation of 3 full cycles* of treatment. Since then the situation has become fragmented, with some CCGs still offering this level of treatment while others have cut the number of cycles or funding altogether. All of this is creating confusion and worry.

NHS IVF funding in the East of England

East Anglia CCG map IVF cycles 07Feb18

Fertility Fairness has been keeping a watch on the situation and this map has been produced using its data to show the number of funded cycles in each CCG. To find out which CCG covers your area there is a useful tool on the NHS website.

Currently (October 2017), CCGs in the East of England provide NHS IVF funding for the following cycles of treatment:


  • Mid Essex: 0
  • North East Essex: 0
  • Castle Point and Rochford: 2
  • Southend: 1
  • West Essex 2 (still to confirm decision to reduce)
  • Thurrock: 3
  • Basildon and Brentwood: 0


  • West Norfolk: 2
  • South Norfolk: 0
  • Norwich: 2
  • North Norfolk: 2


  • West Suffolk: 2
  • Ipswich and East Suffolk: 2
  • Great Yarmouth and Waveney: 2

Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire

  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough: 0
  • Nene: 1
  • Bedfordshire: 1


  • Luton: 3
  • East and North Herts: 1
  • Herts Valley: 0

*A cycle includes transfer of both fresh (first attempt) and frozen embryos so several rounds of treatment.

What can I do?

Be heard – If you feel strongly about funding then do ensure you take part in consultations – many CCG’s review their decisions at intervals.

Get advice – If you are concerned about your fertility for a limited period we are offering a free Fertility Health and Wellbeing initial consultation with a fertility nurse specialist – just phone 01954 717210 to book your appointment.

Get tested – As funding for IVF is cut we also notice that less NHS testing is occurring – a fertility test for you and your partner will reveal if there are any underlying issues; if there are none, then lifestyle advice or a short course of medication to boost your egg production might be sufficient to improve your chances of conception. Fertility tests can be completed within one menstrual cycle and there is no waiting list.

Consider your options – IVF might seem an expensive treatment, but the cost can be spread over time or the risk reduced with a money-back guarantee if you are unsuccessful. We have teamed up with Access Fertility to help make treatment more affordable.

Free IVF if you or a friend donates – For some couples using their own eggs or sperm is not an option and they need to use donated gametes. Individuals that donate eggs or sperm are able to gift free treatment to themselves or to a friend. Full implications counselling is required and you would need to meet certain criteria. More details are available here. 

Talk to us – Only a few people struggling with infertility need IVF – there may be other options to try first, but the sooner you try the better. If you are concerned the key thing is to act now. Let’s talk.

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