Highlights of 2019: South Norfolk and Herts Valley reinstate NHS funding for IVF

In April, two Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in our region – South Norfolk CCG and NHS Herts Valleys CCG – re-introduced NHS funding for IVF, removing the postcode lottery for local people.

Norfolk and Hertfordshire remove postcode lottery for IVF

Heralding the reinstatement of NHS funding for IVF
2019 heralded NHS IVF funding being restored in two east of England CCGs

NHS IVF funding in Norfolk is now the same for everyone, following a decision by South Norfolk CCG to offer funding for two cycles – having previously restricted IVF provision and only providing funding in exceptional circumstances.

Now all patients in Norfolk have the same pathway and, if they require fertility treatment and meet the strict eligibility criteria for NHS funded treatment, will be offered two cycles of NHS funding for IVF.

Herts Valleys CCG also took the decision to reverse their policy of not funding IVF – and will now fund one IVF cycle for eligible couples.

The decision brought the CCG back in line with neighbouring CCGs in the same county.

Patients requiring NHS funded IVF can have their treatment at Bourn Hall.

We have been providing NHS funded IVF treatment successfully for years with many patients achieving a pregnancy on their first attempt.

Helping more patients get pregnant

Bourn Hall provides NHS funded IVF treatment across the East of England and is the only provider with clinics based in the region.

8 out of 10 NHS patients will have a baby after three cycles of treatment at Bourn Hall.

We welcomed the decisions by the two CCGs to reinstate NHS funding for IVF for people living in these areas.

Dr Thanos Papathasiou, our Medical Director, comments, “The availability of funding encourages people to seek advice on fertility as they know treatment will be available. Only a few of these couples will require IVF treatment and for many simple lifestyle changes or medication to boost egg production will be enough to improve their chances of a natural conception.”

More information

Earlier this year Bourn Hall was also awarded the NHS contract to provide fertility diagnostics and treatment – following the success of its partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn.

We offer a range of fertility tests and recently launched a new Fertility Diagnosis and Ovulation Induction treatment service, which is free for those referred by a GP (even in areas where IVF is not funded), providing couples struggling to conceive with answers in six weeks. Find out more about free fertility diagnosis in six weeks.

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