Bourn Hall gains NHS contract to provide fertility diagnosis and treatment in Norfolk

Following the success of its partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn, a number of Norfolk CCG’s will directly commission Bourn Hall to provide fertility investigations, diagnosis and ovulation induction treatment, known as Level 2 services, to NHS patients following a GP referral.

Bourn Hall has over 40 years of expertise in supporting patients with fertility issues and the innovative Norfolk model for fertility treatment will see GPs having direct access to this specialist expertise.

Now that Bourn Hall is an NHS  qualified provider of level 2 fertility services, GPs will be able to refer patients directly via the e-referral system to any Bourn Hall Clinic in the East of England, including Norwich, Cambridge, Colchester, King’s Lynn, Peterborough or Wickford.

Patients will be given a first appointment with a fertility nurse specialist to discuss medical history and to schedule fertility testing. Once testing is complete the individual or couple receives a consultation to discuss the results and next steps. The GP will be kept informed on outcomes creating an efficient pathway of care.

From its experience at providing Level 2 services on behalf of the Queen Elizabeth hospital, Bourn Hall has designed a service that enables 30 per cent of patients to become pregnant naturally through life-style advice or with medication to stimulate regular ovulation.

Medication such as Clomid improves the chances of natural conception for those with ovulatory issues but needs careful monitoring of the ovaries to avoid multiple births. This is a good example of where a dedicated fertility clinic can provide benefits; as the patient is seen by the same team each time who can give support for both emotional and physical wellbeing.

Creating a calm, supportive environment for fertility care supports the success of treatment.

Dr Thanos Papathanasiou, lead clinician at Bourn Hall Clinic, comments: “The arrangement with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital aimed to release its Consultants to focus on other Gynaecology conditions while at the same time providing fertility patients with better outcomes.

“It was shown to be a win-win situation and we are now looking forward to expanding this service and working directly with GPs to deliver an excellent fertility service for their patients.”

Fertility investigations and diagnosis

From 1 July 2019, North Norfolk CCG, Norwich CCG, South Norfolk CCG and West Norfolk CCG’s will commission Level 2 Fertility Services – Investigations/Diagnostics – directly from Bourn Hall. Patients with GPs in these areas can choose to attend their nearest clinic which could be King’s Lynn, Norwich, Cambridge or Peterborough.

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