Know in 6 weeks – rapid fertility diagnosis service

To help couples struggling to conceive Bourn Hall has launching a new Fertility Diagnosis and Ovulation Induction treatment service.

For women with irregular periods, carefully monitored ovarian stimulation can improve chances of natural conception without the need for IVF.

Dr Thanos Papathanasiou, Bourn Hall’s Medical Director, explains: “In up to a third of women who have not conceived after a year the problem is due to the ovaries not producing an egg (ovulation). If this is the only problem then there are a number of ways this can be overcome, but it is important to personalise this treatment and also to support the couple become pregnancy-ready.”

Where ovulation is the issue, our ultrasound-monitored programme promotes egg development and enables accurate confirmation of the time the mature egg is released, improving the chances of natural conception.

Although Bourn Hall has provided NHS funded IVF for many years,  in Summer 2019 it also gained NHS qualified provider status and is able to offer NHS patients in Norfolk the benefits of NHS funded OI treatment.

Know in 6 weeks - rapid fertility diagnosis service

Ovulation induction stimulates egg release in 8 out of 10 patients with common cause of infertility – more about OI

GPs are now able to refer patients directly to Bourn Hall for fertility testing after they have been trying for a year to conceive.

NHS fertility diagnosis and treatment service includes:

1: Review with fertility specialist – lifestyle factors and medical history are assessed and advice given on ways to improve chances of natural conception for example.

2: Female testing – a number of blood tests and scan to confirm

  • Eggs are being produced and released regularly
  • The fallopian tubes that transfer the eggs from the ovaries to the womb, are clear and free of obstructions
  • The pelvic area is healthy and clear of obstructions caused by conditions such as endometriosis
  • Hormones controlling menstrual cycle are being produced at correct levels

3: Male tests to check quality and quantity of sperm and their movement

4: Diagnosis and treatment

The results from both sets of testing will be reviewed by a fertility consultant and advice given on the next steps this might include:-

  • Ovulation induction with fertility medication to boost egg production and increase the chances of natural conception
  • Onward referral for surgery or for assisted conception treatment.
  • Counselling – we offer support throughout your journey with us.

Patients will receive a diagnosis within six weeks and if ovulation induction is appropriate this treatment can start immediately.

The new service aims to get patients pregnant quicker without the need for IVF.

To help couples become fertility fit, Bourn Hall is hosting a free Fertility Fayre at Cambridge on 2nd November and Wickford on 26th October with a range of health therapists and fertility specialists on hand to give tailored advice.

More information

Free Fertility Diagnosis and OI Treatment.

Information for GPs about referral for Level 2 fertility testing, diagnosis and treatment

Free consultation with fertility nurse specialist.

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