A fertility journey 5/5 – my heart is full

Sammy-Jo Pipe used Instagram to record her fertility journey and has kindly agreed to share it in a series of posts during Fertility Week 2018. This is the fifth and final instalment.

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8 November 2017

Never dreamt I would ever be in this position. I have fourty mature follicles at my scan this morning. No more gonal f for me. The nurse was gobsmacked at the difference in my cycles. Trigger is buserelin and will be having extra hormonal support after collection. Feeling so overwhelmed and grateful. This journey is hard but oh so magical. ?

10 November 2017

We are feeling so grateful. Absolutely loved egg retrieval again. What an amazing experience regardless of all the pain. We got twenty two eggs!! They are having to do icsi this time round and I have pills and patches to do too and just pulled the official trigger.


15 November 2017

We did it! Transferred our two best embryos! A 4aa and a 4ab embryo. So far we have three grade 3-4 embryos to freeze but will get a full update tomorrow. Snuggle in tight little ones. We love you so much already xx


25 November 2017

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be this lucky. I can’t even put into words how grateful I’m feeling right now. I was so close to giving up my dreams. IVF is so so hard, hats off to all you ladies. My heart is feeling so full right now.


6 December 2017

Can’t believe it’s been three weeks since we transferred our little embabies. We are so in love with you already. Praying so hard everyday that your growing big and strong in there.



18 December 2017

We are so in love ♥ measuring to the exact day 7 weeks and 3 days. Seeing your heart beating away sew my heart back together again. You are so loved baby Pipe.



16 February 2018

Cannot believe that tomorrow you will actually have a name and we will know if we have a son or daughter. Beyond excited! Still pinching myself and cannot believe that I’m actually pregnant.



17 February 2018

Meet our son ? forever thankful @bournhallfertilityuk you gave us the best gift we could have ever wished for.



9 June 2018

Officially ready for you now ? ordered changing bag and breast pump tonight. Got everything we need and nursery is ready. Just waiting for you now baby boy. Mummy can’t wait to hold you and kiss your little face.


1 July 2018


Feels absolutely surreal posting this. Got our heads around the csection now and can finally look forward to baby Pipes arrival.



18 July 2018

Hubs and I have enjoyed putting our boys room together. Going to love spending time with him in here. Everything finally has a place ☺ feeling so lucky.



25 July 2018

Today we welcomed our beautiful boy into the world. Bodhi Alan Pipe. Born at 12:04 and weighed 8lb 15oz. I’m really quite poorly but baby is amazing and so so beautiful. Completely head over heels. Our little miracle


30 July 2018


Life has been so hectic. I will be getting round to writing a birth story when life slows down a bit but for now I hope that people out there struggling that my little Bodhi can give you hope that it can for you too. Infertility is awful and I will never never forget what that feels like. I feel like the luckiest lady walking this earth at the moment. Keep holding on to your dreams, eventually they will come true. #bodhi #miracle #ivf #ivfbaby #ivfjourney #infetility #foreverthankful



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