Wickford special offer – £500 discount on Access Fertility packages

To celebrate the opening of our new Wickford clinic we have a special offer of £500 off any Access Fertility Package, for the first 30 patients funding their treatment in this way.

We understand that for many patients self-funding IVF is challenging, which is why we have teamed up with Access Fertility to help patients access the treatment they need.

Since the NHS cut funding for IVF these packages have become increasingly popular as they help people budget for the cost of treatment and have the safety net of a money-back guarantee if treatment is unsuccessful.

Access Fertility provides a range of finance packages that help make IVF more affordable by:

  • fixing the price of treatment
  • providing a refund for those who don’t succeed
  • offering payments by instalments.

Access Fertility Package

There are two options:

Both of these packages can be purchased on a monthly payment plan, enabling you to spread the cost over up to five years.

Other options 

Bourn Hall also offers a number of other options to help pay for IVF treatment:

  • Free IVF options are available for patients who meet the criteria to sperm share or egg share
  • Free cycle of treatment can be gifted by a friend or family member who is prepared to donate gametes (sperm or eggs) for use by another patient whose only chance to have a child is through donor treatment

The first 30 patients to fund their treatment at the Wickford clinic using a multi-cycle or money-back guarantee package through Access Fertility will be eligible for £500 off the quoted price.

Bourn Hall Access Fertility offer

More information

More information about Access Fertility

Free IVF options for egg sharers

Free IVF options for sperm donors 

Or you can simply get in touch with us and include the reference WF03 in the text box.

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