Unlimited IVF treatment programme launched – £500 discount for Wickford patients

As the first egg collections start at Bourn Hall's new Wickford clinic, the first 30 patients to sign up to ANY Access Fertility programme will receive a discount of £500!

Access Fertility is excited to launch its unlimited IVF treatment refund programme with Bourn Hall. Ash Carroll-Miller, founder and CEO of Access Fertility explains the new initiative in this guest blog. He writes:

We have been a proud partner of Bourn Hall for over three years. In that time we’ve helped hundreds of patients reduce the cost of IVF, access the treatment they need and get up to 100% of their money back if they don’t have a baby.

It’s an unfortunate fact that most patients can expect to have a number of IVF cycles before they achieve their dream of having a baby. Of course, some patients will have a baby on their first cycle, but what if that doesn’t happen? Many patients can experience unforeseen financial hurdles and emotional strain.

In order to help patients plan, afford and access the treatment they need, Access Fertility offers programmes that now include unlimited fresh and frozen cycles of IVF.

Ash Carroll-Miller, founder and CEO of Access Fertility
Ash Carroll-Miller, founder and CEO of Access Fertility

Unlimited IVF treatment programme

Our new unlimited programme gives patients certainty – unlimited fresh and frozen IVF treatment over two years, and a 100% refund if you don’t have a baby. This just-launched programme is available to women under 38 and the acceptance criteria is the same as for all of our refund programmes. Patients will receive a 100% refund if they do not have a baby after the two years, so long as they have treatment during the last 90 days of their programme. Both standard IVF and ICSI ptions are available.

IVF refund programme

Our Refund programme allows patients under the age of 40 to choose either two or three fresh cycles of IVF with unlimited FETs and a 50%, 70% or 100% IVF refund if they don’t have a baby. For example: a patient paying £10,750 for a 100% three cycle programme would be entitled to a full refund of £10,750 if they did not have a baby after three cycles.

The refund takes the uncertainty out of IVF and means you can have treatment without taking a big financial risk. Patients interested in using the Refund Programme are subject to a medical review by Access Fertility using data collected by Bourn Hall and we currently have a 90% acceptance rate.

Multi-cycle programme

Wickford special offer - £500 discount on Access Fertility packagesOur Multi-Cycle programme is available to all patients under the age of 45 and provides two fresh cycles of IVF with unlimited FETs. There is no medical review for this programme and the acceptance rate is 100%, provided you have a consultation at Bourn Hall.

In both our Refund and Multi-Cycle programmes, if you use your full treatment allowance, you will save at least 1/3 versus paying the clinic directly. If you have a baby your programme comes to an end and you wouldn’t be able to use any remaining treatment.

For Access Fertility, a baby means a baby; if you were to suffer a miscarriage, medically recommended termination or endure a still-birth you would still be entitled to use any remaining treatment. But what if you don’t want to continue with treatment? Don’t worry, you can withdraw at any time and we’ll provide a partial refund to you within 10 working days.

Spread the cost of IVF treatment

As well as offering innovative programmes with a refund, we pride ourselves on a high standard of patient care. We have no time limits on our phone calls and our patient advisors are there to listen and provide you with the information you need.

If Access Fertility can’t help you then we’ll do our best to guide you towards someone who can.

Experienced team

Access Fertility - IVF refundBourn Hall is the oldest IVF clinic in the world and will always have a special place in the history of IVF – having been founded by the team who created the world’s first baby born through IVF treatment, Louise Brown. Bourn Hall’s legacy is widely known, but they’re also known for their current ambitions to bring excellent, state of the art and affordable care to patients. With the recent addition of the Wickford clinic, Bourn Hall continues to go from strength to strength and to push the boundaries of excellence in IVF.

In my experience, Bourn Hall’s team, from the most junior administrator through to most senior doctor, give patients the time they need and approach treatment with compassion and understanding. Although Bourn Hall treats hundreds of patients in each of its locations, there is no ‘off the shelf’ approach and every patient is treated as an individual with their own unique circumstances.

£500 discount off ANY Access Fertility Programme

We are delighted to offer our Unlimited, Multi-Cycle and Refund Programmes at Bourn Hall and to celebrate the opening of the fantastic new facility at Wickford we are offering a discount of £500 for the first 30 patients to take up an Access Fertility package.

We are happy to talk to patients about how we can help them reduce the financial risk associated with IVF treatment.”


Want to hear more about Access Fertility programmes or the £500 discount for new Wickford patients? Give us a call on 01865 80 1000 (Monday to Friday) or visit the Access Fertility website to get in touch.

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Bourn Hall offers a range of funding options for fertility treatment – see more information here.

If you meet the criteria you may be eligible for free IVF treatment.

More information about Access Fertility Unlimited on Bourn Hall website

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