Festive traditions: the fertility treatment that led to three little kings

Three former colleagues, who became life-long friends after they all had fertility treatment at Bourn Hall Colchester, have a very special Christmas tradition that they never miss.

Fertility treatment that offered an invaluable support network

2019 Christmas sofa selfie - IVF treatment brings three little kingsAlthough Vicki, Carly and Nikki – who now have four children between them – catch up regularly throughout the year, they always meet up just before Christmas for an annual festive photo of them with their children together on the sofa.

The three women first met each other whilst working at the Halifax Bank – at one point working at the same branch, Vicki and Carly as Managers and Nikki as a Mortgage Advisor – and discovered that coincidentally they were each having problems conceiving and needed IVF treatment.

They were all treated at Bourn Hall Clinic and during that time were able to provide an invaluable support network for each other and became great friends.

The three friends each gave birth to a son in the same year following their fertility treatment at Bourn Hall: Vicki had son William, Nikki had son Nathan, and Carly had son Rhys.

An unexpected ‘little extra’

IVF treatment brought three colleagues together - Christmas 2019A few months after William was born Vicki then got the shock of her life when she discovered that she had got pregnant naturally – with an unexpected ‘little extra’ – and  Evelyn was born the following year.

Earlier this year Carly also discovered that she had conceived naturally and her baby is due in February.

You might need a bigger sofa next year ladies …

More information

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