A Guest Blog from Southend Reflexology – “fertility reflexology provides support for the journey.”

Carole Connor of Southend Reflexology has recently become one of the complementary therapists practicing at our Wickford clinic. She will be talking about fertility reflexology at our Bourn Hall Fertility Fayre on 27 October.

Reflexology may be recommended by health professionals as a way to relax and cope with stress, Carole Connor of Southend Fertility Reflexology explains how fertility reflexology can provide support for women, men and couples at this important time in their life, in this guest blog.

What is Fertility Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient technique dating back thousands of years and has also been termed as zone therapy. Reflexology works by working the reflexes on the feet that correlate to the body, for fertility these reflexes are found in specific zones on the feet, the ovaries, uterus, testicles, womb, fallopian tubes etc. These are all areas worked on throughout your treatment, as well as reflexes, to help you with the stress and anxiety felt at this important time.

What to expect when coming to have your Fertility Reflexology treatment

Fertility reflexology works by stimulating reflexes on the soles of your feet (although hands can be used) using thumb and finger techniques, this encourages blood flow and energy to those specific reflexes such as the ovaries or testicles.

Other reflexes are also worked to support, relax and bring about a state of calm and oneness. The pressure applied is increased where a reflexes has a specific  purpose, but the pressure is not too unbearable; some say it feels like a release.

Your Fertility reflexology sessions are designed to support you during your fertility journey and/or fertility treatment.

At your first session you will have a full consultation and then fortnightly treatments are given, and this can continue right up to the birth or onset of labour.

Wherever you are on your fertility journey, fertility reflexology is able to support you and your emotional needs at this very important time in your life and can be used to complement IVF treatment.

The results

Over recent years I have seen an increase in clients  who are wanting to conceive, some of whom have also been referred for fertility reflexology by their midwives or other health professionals and the results are very encouraging.

The texts and calls I receive from my clients informing me of the birth of their healthy baby can be overwhelming and makes me feel that what I do is very important and special to these people. I feel honoured to have been part of those couples’ fertility journeys.

Just the other day I saw a client that I supported through IVF treatment and she introduced me to her healthy baby boy, a beautiful bundle of joy.

Carole Connor, Southend Reflexology, is based in the Wickford fertility centre
Carole Connor, Southend Reflexology, is based in the Bourn Hall Wickford fertility centre

More information

Bourn Hall offers a wealth of support at every stage of the fertility journey.

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