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We can help you get pregnant with a free fertility consultation and a package of fertility testing.  Although one in six couples experience problems conceiving only a small number of those require IVF treatment, there are lots of ways that we can help you to boost your chances of a natural conception. 

Step one – Get good advice from a specialist

Your GP is an important first point of contact but they can’t be expected to be an expert in everything. So why not take the opportunity to have a free consultation with a friendly fertility nurse specialist at Bourn Hall?  The nurse will go through your medical history and talk to you about your lifestyle and any concerns that you may have. From this meeting you will be able to decide if you should make some lifestyle changes, want to try a bit longer or move to step two.

Step two –  fertility testing

Your GP can refer you within the NHS for basic fertility tests to check the quality and quantity of sperm, that eggs are available and being released each month (ovulation) and that all the important tubes are clear of obstructions. It is important that you check with your GP what tests are available, if they are done separately, how long you have to wait for testing and if you will see a consultant at the end.

fertility testing for your egg store
Age is the biggest cause of infertility

In some parts of Norfolk you will be referred to Bourn Hall for these tests and will be seen within a few days.  However, over 50% of those referred for NHS testing in Cambridge were still waiting after three months or more to be seen at the hospital.

Time is crucial for everyone concerned about their fertility.  As the graph shows the chances of getting pregnant naturally declines steeply after the age of 35 for women and also reduces in men as they get older.

You may choose to skip the wait and have your tests at a specialist fertility clinic.  At Bourn Hall both partners are tested together and you get your results and a consultation promptly. There is flexibility to tailor the testing to your requirements and may include: semen analysis; AMH blood test to check egg store and ovulation; pelvic scan to check the health of the womb and the ovaries; HyCoSy scan of your tubes; and full consultation with a medical consultant. More information about fertility testing.

Following this you will have a greater understanding of the reasons for your infertility and also the options available to you.

Step three – fertility treatment options

Your consultant will give you the options that are right for you and this may include:

Ovulation Induction – medication such a clomid can be used to stimulate your ovaries to produce eggs more regularly boosting your chances of conception.

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) – where the sperm is injected at the right time of your cycle high in the uterus to maximise the chance of conception.

IVF  – this when the ovaries are stimulated to produce more mature eggs at the same time which are collected through a simple surgical procedure, fertilised with the sperm and the resulting embryos transferred to the womb. At Bourn Hall nearly 50% of our patients under 37 become pregnant with IVF treatment. Bourn Hall is also the only clinic in the East of England to provide NHS funded IVF treatment where it is available.

ICSI – often used to treat male infertility, the best sperm is selected and injected directly into the egg to assist fertilisation.  The resulting embryo(s) are then transferred as before.

Step four – pregnancy 

Although pregnancy is not guaranteed, 8 out of 10 patients having three full cycles of IVF treatment at Bourn Hall had a baby.

Our success rates far exceed other clinics in the region – between 2012 – 2015 892 babies were born following IVF treatment at Bourn Hall Cambridge; during the same period just 18 babies were born following treatment at Cambridge IVF (HFEA figures).

At Bourn Hall we are honest with our patients about their chances of success and do everything we can to provide a treatment programme that is tailored to you. If you would like to have a friendly chat about how we can help you do get in touch by completing the form below. 

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