Consultation with a fertility doctor

Would you like tailored advice about fertility options that are appropriate to you?

Following the recent lockdown, we are currently offering virtual IVF consultations and treatment planning with a highly specialised experienced fertility doctor via secure video call to allow new patients to fast-track their treatment.

The video consultation is via ClineCall, a secure system used by the NHS and other healthcare providers. It enables patients to talk to one of our specialist doctors using a computer, tablet, or smartphone in a safe and confidential environment.

What can I expect during my virtual IVF consultation?

In a virtual consultation, we will analyse the results from any tests you may have already had, assess your medical background, talk through your treatment options and prepare a personalised treatment plan.

If you have not yet had diagnostic tests, this is not a problem. The consultant can still give you bespoke advice and put in place a provisional plan. We will arrange a safe and convenient time for you to visit one of our clinics to perform any necessary tests in one appointment and refine the plan accordingly.

Relevant fertility tests may include blood tests to check your hormone levels, a semen analysis to look at sperm health, and an ultrasound scan of your pelvis.

Excellent IVF success rates

Our most recent IVF success rates are excellent, with a live birth rate of 44% per embryo transfer (for patients of all ages), which is higher than the national average.

Your own chances of success may be greater than this, depending on your age and test results. For patients aged under 38 our live birth rate per embryo transfer is more than 50% at our Norwich clinic.

Our success rates for Cambridge, Norwich and Wickford clinics can be found here.

It may be possible for us to give an indication of your chances of success with IVF at Bourn Hall, using your age, results from your tests, medical history and the time that you have spent trying for a baby.

Book a virtual IVF consultation

Get a head start on your treatment – book your consultation today. Please complete the enquiry form and our patient services team will be in-touch to confirm your appointment with an email giving all the information you will need to log in.

The price of an online consultation with a fertility specialist doctor is £210