Fertility Testing – BMI and its impact on fertility – a webinar

Does high BMI affect IVF success - Bourn Hall's lead clinician Dr Thanos Papathanasiou discusses the NICE guidelines and impact of weight on fertility in this presentation to health professionals.

45 per cent of Bourn Hall patients now have a BMI of above 25 and a high BMI can affect IVF success.

Being overweight is known to have an impact on male and female fertility, and where obese women have irregular or no periods losing weight can stimulate ovulation.

To maximise the chance of natural conception and a healthy pregnancy, it is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) that couples have a BMI of 19-30.

Dr Papathansiou explains that if obesity is not associated with a hormone imbalance then many women can be helped to conceive naturally.

For those who do require IVF, recent research at Bourn Hall has shown that success rates can be improved for women with a BMI of 25-30 through selection of the most appropriate protocol.

BMI affect on IVF success 

It has been assumed that weight is a factor in the reduced success of IVF treatment for women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25-30. Now new clinical evidence produced by Bourn Hall Clinic suggests that this group of women will have an equivalent chance of success if they are given a specific drug protocol.

A healthy weight is very important not just for improving the chances of conception, being overweight increases the risks during pregnancy and can impact the health and wellbeing of the future child.

In this presentation delivered to health professionals, Bourn Hall’s Regional Lead Clinician Dr Thanos Papathanasiou discusses the NICE guidelines, the impact of weight on fertility and the current recommendations and the clinical evidence gained at Bourn Hall from treating women for over 40 years.

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