#EmpowerHalfHour – Bourn Hall supports Mental Health Awareness Week

#EmpowerHalfHour – Take 30 minutes to try these activities to boost your wellbeing at work.

Maintaining good mental health during the fertility journey is important for patients but also for the staff that are supporting them. This is  Mental Health Awareness Week and MHFA England has suggested the following activities that can promote good wellbeing at work.

Everyone in the Bourn Hall family – both patients and staff –  work together to manage the emotional stress, so we thought that these exercises might be helpful to share.


Group games and goals can bring people together. Try:

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Team quiz
  • Goal setting: what will bring you closer as a team?


Show your support for your teammates:

  • Take turns to discuss each person’s best qualities
  • Invite someone new for coffee or lunch
  • Share lunch with colleagues – each bring a different dish


Connect with colleagues by discussing your life outside of work. What are your:

  • Secret skills
  • Much-loved hobbies
  • Weekend plans


Get active, a health body helps a healthy mind so why not:

  • Set up a walking meeting
  • Try chair yoga
  • Bring in a fitness instructor for a lunchtime group class


Open your mind and calm your thoughts:

  • Try mindfulness as team
  • Explore meditation
  • Turn off your tech! No apps, no emails, no talking – let your mind quieten

MHFA England has a vision to improve the mental health of the nation. Visit mhfaengland.org to learn more and join in online with #EmpowerHalfHour.

Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 13th-19th May.

More information

Bourn Hall provides counselling and support to give you the care and compassion needed throughout your IVF and fertility treatments.

We have an event “Holistic Approach to Fertility” on 8th June at our Wickford Clinic which provides an opportunity to gain support for reducing stress.

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