IVF with US donor sperm helped by Bourn Hall

Home > Your stories       Posted - May 31, 2023

Jess and Fran wanted a family that matched their characteristics, so Bourn Hall helped them to use a US sperm donor agency which gave them a wider choice of donor

Family dream comes true for Emily and Debbie thanks to donor sperm

Home > Your stories       Posted - June 9, 2017

When Emily got together with Debbie five years ago they soon realised that they wanted a family together, and as a same-sex couple they were keen to explore the option of having their own children using donor sperm.

Dads have double reason to celebrate

Home > Your stories       Posted - March 8, 2017

Gary and his husband Matthew always wanted to be parents and received the ultimate gift when a family member offered to be their surrogate.

Double the delight for Kerry and Stacy with IUI

Home > Your stories       Posted - February 15, 2017

When Kerry and Stacy decided to start a family, they visited Bourn Hall to investigate fertility treatment using donor sperm – they are now mums to twins.