Showing our support for the global ‘Wave of Light’ 

Baby Loss Awareness Week will culminate with the virtual ‘Wave of Light’ on 15 October and many of our staff will be showing their solidarity at 7pm. 

“Losing a pregnancy, at whatever stage, can be devastating, not just for the couple concerned, but also for their friends and family,” says Lead Fertility Midwife Becky Green, who is based at Bourn Hall’s Wickford Clinic. 

Before joining Bourn Hall last year Becky spent 12 years as a midwife at Basildon and Thurrock Hospital and brought with her a wealth of experience in managing peoples’ emotions. 

“Midwifery is not a million miles away from fertility nursing, both involve direct contact, patient care and empathy with people at what is a very personal and emotional time in their lives,” she says. “It seemed like the most natural progression for me in my career.” 

Becky Green, Lead Fertility Midwife for Bourn Hall Essex
Becky Green, Lead Fertility Midwife for Bourn Hall Essex

Lighting up in solidarity

Becky is a key member of Bourn Hall’s Miscarriage Clinic, which is open to anyone who has experienced one or more miscarriages or early pregnancy losses (EPL) after either natural conception or fertility treatment, Becky says: “Working in a maternity unit had its lows as well as highs and baby loss is very close to my heart. To now be working in a setting where we can help to minimise the chances of miscarriage happening to someone again is hugely rewarding.” 

This year Becky and many of her Bourn Hall colleagues will be joining the global community in lighting candles on the evening of Sunday October 15 for the ‘Wave of Light.’ Becky has also organised for the Wickford Clinic, which is situated in Wickford town centre and has a large glass frontage, to be illuminated in pink and blue for the duration of Baby Loss Awareness Week.  

Wave of Light Wickford 2023

Acknowledging loss

“The Wickford clinic is on a busy main road and hundreds of people drive past it every day,” says Becky. “It is quite a prominent building and I feel that by lighting it up during Baby Loss Awareness Week we are acknowledging all of the families who have been affected by pregnancy loss and helping to raise awareness of something which touches the lives of so many people.” 

To take part in the ‘Wave of Light’ light a candle at 7pm on October 15 and leave it burning for at least one hour. Take a photo of your candle and post it to Facebook, X (Twitter) or Instagram using #WaveOfLight.

Baby Loss Awareness Week

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