Introducing the new miscarriage clinic at Bourn Hall

Fertility Midwife Ellie Hurn is one of the team behind the development of a new Miscarriage Clinic at Bourn Hall. Here she outlines the service, which is open to anyone who has experienced one or more miscarriages or early pregnancy losses (EPL) after natural conception or fertility treatment.

“After a miscarriage people often want answers and the big difference about our Miscarriage Clinic is that you don’t have to wait until you have had multiple loss to access the service,” explains Ellie.

“If you were to seek help via the NHS, you would need to have had three recurring miscarriages to find out potentially if there is a reason for the loss. Just one miscarriage can be quite a difficult experience, and the waiting times to be admitted to the service are variable; it is a lot to go through.

“Anyone can come to us and we will do that testing for them. Also, if they get pregnant again, either naturally or after IVF, the Miscarriage Clinic offers an early reassurance scan at seven weeks as part of the package.

Charlotte Crawford (Healthcare Assistant) and Ellie Hurn (Fertility Midwife)
Healthcare Assistant Charlotte Crawford with Fertility Midwife Ellie Hurn

To discuss and learn more about our miscarriage clinic, please speak to our patient services team on 01954 717210, or complete the form on our contact page here.

“There are two levels of testing: the standard and the extended panel. It is the patient’s choice which one they go for, however we would strongly recommend the extended panel to anyone who has had three miscarriages, or is under 35 and has had two miscarriages, or anyone considering having fertility treatment with PGT-A.

“The standard panel includes a test for anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), which gives an indication of egg reserve. We also look at the thyroid function by testing levels of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and anti TPO (Thyroid peroxidase antibodies) and blood sugar levels using the HBA1C test. In addition we check the blood for anti-cardiolipin, ab2GPI, ANA (anti-nuclear) and lupus anticoagulant antibodies.

“We do a 3D pelvic ultrasound scan to check the shape of the uterus. At the scan we also check for the presence of fibroids, cysts and polyps. A hysteroscopy is then booked to check the cavity of the womb if the scan shows it is suitable for that individual or recommended by the doctor. A biopsy of the endometrium may also be taken.

“If there is a male partner the service includes a semen analysis.

“We work very closely with the doctors who review all the test results and explain to the patients at the review consultation what all the results mean and make recommendations for the future.

“We also offer a same-sex female couple panel and a single female panel and in addition an hour’s consultation with our fertility nutritionist is available to everyone.”

Ellie, who joined Bourn Hall last Summer from West Suffolk Hospital, acts as the first port of call in the Miscarriage Clinic at Cambridge, alongside her colleague Charlotte Crawford, getting all the tests booked in and ensuring that the experience is as smooth and efficient as possible. There are also dedicated Miscarriage Clinic teams in the Norwich and Wickford clinics.

“Communication is very important,” stresses Ellie. “We check in with couples while they are waiting for their results, and, once all the results are back, we let the doctor know and book in their review consultation in a timely manner.

“The whole team want this to be an efficient service and for people to feel supported and reassured and to get the answers they need to move forward.”

More information

The Bourn Hall Miscarriage Clinic operates out of our Cambridge, Norwich and Wickford clinics. To find out more or to book an appointment contact our patient services team on 01954 717210, or complete the form on our contact page here.

Charities that can provide support and advice include the Miscarriage Association 

Baby Loss Awareness week provides further support and events.

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