RCGP study day – Helping GPs help fertility patients

GPs are the first point of call for patients concerned about their fertility but this subject is only briefly covered in training, and the advice and treatments available are regularly updated.

Fertility specialists at Bourn Hall Clinic have been invited to provide the Essex Faculty of the Royal College of GPs with speakers for a RCGP study day covering the many causes of infertility, diagnosis and treatments as well as an insight into the emotional impact of infertility on the patients and their wider families.

The RCGP study day will take place in January at the Anglia Ruskin Campus in Chelmsford and will be chaired by Dr Thanos Papathanasiou, Bourn Hall’s Medical Director.

There will be talks from other members of the Bourn Hall medical and nursing teams and from Bourn Hall’s independent counsellor with video stories from patients sharing their fertility journeys.

In the video here, Rachel, who has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (a common cause of infertility), talks about how she had the symptoms since her teenage years but was undiagnosed until her husband read an article about the condition.

If you are unable to watch the video above you can view it on YouTube here.

Bourn Hall provides free fertility advice to people at all stages of their fertility journey and hopes that this RCGP study day will give GPs up-to-date information about fertility, the referral pathways available and help them support their patients in primary care.

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