Photographer of world’s first IVF egg retires

Bourn-Hall-Vincent-Brown-First-IVF-photographer-retiresBefore he joined the local newspaper, Vincent Brown was a medical photographer at the Oldham and District General Hospital.  This is where Mr Patrick Steptoe with Professor Robert Edwards, made history following the birth of the world’s first ‘test-tube’ baby Louise Brown,

Vincent took the first photograph of a human egg fertilised outside the human body.

Vincent then went on to work for the Oldham Evening Chronicle and has now retired after 44 years of service and half a million photographs.

Life as the world’s first IVF baby

The media excitement leading up to her birth has been recorded in Louise Brown’s book “My life as the world’s first test-tube baby” which was launched at Bourn Hall last year.

In the book she describes how media photographers staked out the Oldham General Hospital and her mum Lesley had to be booked in under an assumed name.

Chronicle managing editor David Whaley: “Vincent has been one of the faces of the Chronicle for many years. He was instantly recognisable as ‘the man from the Chronicle’ and always represented the newspaper well.

“He was rightly proud of the pictures produced by his department and would strive to get the best out of every job. All at the Chronicle wish Vincent a long and happy retirement.”

More information

More details about Louise Brown’s book can be found at

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