Highlights of 2019: Increasing numbers of same sex couples seek fertility treatment

If you are in a same sex partnership, then some type of fertility support is inevitable if you want to have a baby. 2019 saw an increased demand for fertility treatment and IVF for same sex couples.

Bourn Hall has its own sperm bank and also offers single women and couples the opportunity to select sperm from other banks where greater diversity is required.

Melissa and Zoe had treatment at the Colchester clinic, after it was recommended by friends of theirs.

“I am from a big family, I am one of seven, and all of my jobs have involved working with children,” says Melissa. “When I celebrated my 30th birthday I suddenly felt as though I didn’t want to leave it too late.”

IUI: Less invasive than other IVF treatment for same sex couples

Logan and Harley - Christmas 2019

After a consultation at Bourn Hall Colchester the couple decided Melissa would carry the baby.

The couple had IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) treatment using donated sperm.  The procedure is very straightforward and involves introducing the donor sperm high into the uterus to maximise the chances of fertilisation.

IUI treatment was successful first time – on two occasions. The couple are now proud parents of son Logan and daughter Harley, who was born in June of this year.

‘Just fantastic’

“Everyone at Bourn Hall Colchester was just fantastic,” says Melissa. “Everyone knew who we were, it was lovely to have that familiarity and they made us feel so comfortable. It was really good doing everything through a regulated fertility clinic, we felt more protected and we now have two beautiful children.”

More information

Deciding to start a family is a big step and for lesbian couples the main decision facing them is whether to ‘go it alone’ and find a sperm donor they know or online – or to go through a regulated fertility clinic. Read our myth-debunking Fertility Blog, which helps outline the benefits of a regulated sperm bank.

To discuss your options or for specific queries, contact our friendly team.

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