Meet our family: Operating Department Practitioner

Would you like to join our team? Richie describes his role as an Operating Department Practitioner

Egg collection is a crucial stage in IVF treatment. Patients are often very nervous about what to expect and the outcome.

Providing support for the theatre staff and a reassuring presence for patients is all part of the role of the Operating Department Practitioner (ODP).

We asked Richard (Richie) Clarke, an ODP for our Colchester and Wickford clinics, what this important job involves and why he finds it rewarding.

Q How did you come to work for Bourn Hall in this role?

I originally came to Bourn Hall to provide temporary cover for one shift – but I’m still here 15 years later!

Q Can you describe some of the things that you do on a daily basis?

An ODP prepares medications and equipment for the patient, including the insertion of a cannula for IV access. I then monitor the patients and offer them support and reassurance.

Operating Department Practitioner
Richie Clarke enjoys his role as an Operating Department Practitioner

Q What is the best part of your work?

I think it is being in a position to have a positive input on a patient’s fertility experience at Bourn Hall. Hopefully making a difference, even if it is just in a small way, to ensure we provide great customer service.

Q If you had a friend interested in working for Bourn Hall, what would you tell them?

It is nice friendly company who work as a team, which is supportive and provides amazing customer care during difficult and emotional times.

Q Can you describe something that has happened recently that made you feel that your work is important/valued?

I always feel my work is valued. When we have a patient who is very apprehensive and nervous and we get them through the procedure feeling that it was a far better experience than they imagined or read about on Google – then that feels a real achievement.

More information

If you think this sounds like a job you would like to do then do get in touch – we are always looking for calm, caring people to join our team. For details of our current vacancies and a job description for an ODP visit our careers page here.

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