IVF injection tips

It is natural to feel a bit apprehensive about the idea of self-administering drugs for IVF treatment, particularly the injections. We understand this and all Bourn Hall patients are offered a ‘drug teach’ where we talk through the medications and give advice on how to do it.

The first medication is buserelin, which is used for ‘down-regulation’. Normally your body brings just one egg to maturity each month but for IVF treatment multiple eggs need to be available for collection. So drugs are used to switch off the natural hormones so that the ovaries can be stimulated artificially to produce more eggs.

There is a section on the website with frequently asked questions and a video showing step-by-step how to self-inject. It might be useful for your partner to also look at this information; we are told that some women ask their partners to help with the medication and injections and this is a way they can give practical help and get involved.

Going through IVF treatment can feel a bit overwhelming at times so the video is there for you to view when you want. Do talk to the nurses if you are feeling unsure about anything and remember that there is also counselling available.

This video takes you through the injection process step by step.
You can also view it on YouTube here.

More information

We have also answered some of the questions that we are frequently asked by patients about down regulation, buserelin and the injection process, which you can read on our FAQ page.

Additional step-by-step video guides, as well as general information about the drugs used in treatment, can be found on www.fertility-information.com, a website provided by drug provider Merck.

If you have any other queries or concerns please contact the nurse coordinators at the clinic where you are receiving your treatment. They will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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