Want to know more about IVF drugs?

How do IVF drugs workHow do IVF drugs work is a good question. Under normal circumstances, ovulation occurs once a month when a single ripened egg is released from the ovaries and is ready to be fertilised. So during an IVF cycle, fertility drugs are used so that ovulation is controlled and several eggs ripen at the same time. These eggs are collected during a short surgical procedure and then fertilised outside of the body.

How do IVF drugs work

To explain the role of fertility drugs in more detail, Bourn Hall Clinic has produced a useful information leaflet about how do IVF drugs work. Before reading this leaflet, you may find it helpful to read our leaflet entitled ‘The menstrual cycle, hormones and fertility treatment’.

Bourn Hall Clinic has on-site facilities which offer patients a tailored dispensary service.  This means that just the right amount of medication is given to supply the patient up until the next appointment, ensuring there is no waste of IVF drugs and patients do not pay for more medication than they require. Often we can deliver medication to a patient’s door via the Homecare Dispensary Service and then top-up any remaining medication needs when they attend the clinic.

Drug teach

The Pharmacy team at Bourn Hall Clinic ensure that all patients receive a full training session with a nurse, so they feel comfortable when self administering their injections or nasal sprays. Using these devices can seem a bit daunting at first but after some training you will feel much more confident.

The drugs affect the body’s hormones, which can occasionally result in some side-effects. All women are different and will undoubtedly respond differently to a prescribed course of IVF drugs. Patients are therefore closely monitored during treatment to ensure the drugs are having the desired effect. If you are concerned about how any drugs are making you feel then do talk to one of the nurses or the Bourn Hall Clinic Pharmacist. You may also find the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section of our website helpful.

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