Highlights of 2019: Free specialist advice and fast-track fertility tests

Throughout this year we have continued to offer a free consultation with a fertility nurse – such as Angela (right) from our Wickford clinic – to anyone needing specialist fertility advice and a friendly expert to talk with about improving their chances of conception.

There are only 12 chances to get pregnant each year, so getting good personalised advice is vital.

Bourn Hall's fertility nurses offer free professional fertility advice

A consultation with a Fertility Nurse Specialist to talk about your concerns and medical history will put you on the right path. Find out more about booking one of our free Fertility Nurse consultations.

Specialist fertility advice and support

Our nurses offer tailored advice including ways to boost natural fertility, recommendations for tests – and an explanation of what the results would show – and relevant treatment options.

The advice given is appropriate to the individual or couple and their circumstances, and people don’t have to have been actively trying to get pregnant or need fertility treatment to have an initial consultation.

Fast-track fertility testing

After gaining  NHS qualified status for secondary fertility services this Summer, we launched a brand new Fertility Diagnosis and Ovulation Induction treatment service – free to anyone referred by their GP.

The service offers a diagnosis in six weeks and, if ovulation induction is appropriate, the treatment can start immediately.  The aim of the service is to get patients pregnant quicker without the need for IVF.

More information

If you are concerned about your fertility, you can have a free fertility consultation at Bourn Hall without a GP referral. Find out more about our free fertility consultations.

Fertility tests can help give you answers. And speeding up this process can be important for your emotional health as it will help you to understand your options. If you meet the NHS criteria, then you can ask your GP to refer you to Bourn Hall for our 6-week fertility diagnosis and treatment service.

Or, if you require fertility testing without a GP referral, then we offer a comprehensive testing package. Find out more about the range of fertility tests we offer.

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