Free IVF treatment for egg sharing or sperm donation

Free IVF treatment is available for those who egg share or donate sperm.

The quality and quantity of eggs produced ahead of IVF is more than is required for a single cycle of treatment, especially where male infertility is a factor. If you choose to egg share then Bourn Hall Clinic’s standard IVF treatment package and all medication required is free.

Last year 50 women donated eggs at our clinics – two thirds of the donors chose to share their eggs while going through treatment and one third were donors who gave altruistically.

The need is great. At Bourn Hall Clinic we currently have more than 100 women waiting for donor eggs and we are always looking for suitable donors as UK Medical Director Dr Thomas Mathews explains:

“Women considering egg sharing need to be fit and healthy and under 35. So if you require IVF treatment and you are interested in this option then we would warmly invite you to come and discuss it with us.

“The initial consultation is free of charge and there is no obligation to have treatment. If after talking it through you might decide it is not for you then that is fine, as it is important to fully understand all the implications. However, for those that do go ahead, it is truly the gift of a lifetime.”

The eggs are required for women whose eggs are of poor quality, for those who have experienced a premature menopause or who have undergone cancer therapy. In this situations the chance of becoming pregnant with their own eggs is significantly reduced and for some not possible.

For women like Paula Moyes a donated egg may be their only chance of having a baby.

Free IVF treatment for those who egg share

“I would say to anyone considering donating, to give someone who craves a baby with her whole being the chance of becoming a mother is probably one of the most generous things you could ever do.”

Paula, who gave birth to twins Aiden and Ethan in March 2012 says: “I can still remember the pain when I was told I had no eggs and now I have these beautiful babies; I can’t begin to describe the joy.

Dr Mathews agrees: “ Many women do not realise that they have the potential to give such a precious gift.”

Sperm Sharing

Men with ‘super sperm’ can also become donors and will be eligible for a free cycle of IVF treatment.

The option to join the sperm-sharing programme is available where the man has a particularly healthy sperm count. Some of the sperm will be used for treatment with your partner and the remainder will be placed in our sperm bank to help other patients.

Donor sperm may be needed following cancer treatment, vasectomy, injury, or other male fertility factors have resulted in there being no sperm in the semen. Current British law allows us to create up to 10 families from one sperm donor.

If you’d like to be considered for this programme then again do get in touch. There is no charge for a consultation and no obligation to go ahead with the sperm sharing if you decide it is not for you. If you do meet the criteria to become a donor then you and your partner will receive free IVF treatment.

Free IVF treatment

Dr Mathew says: “We understand the disappointment caused by the removal of NHS funding in some areas and by those people who are not eligible for funding. This can be devastating. Offering a free cycle of treatment to those that are prepared to help someone else is one way that Bourn Hall can help people in this situation.”

More information

If you are interested in donating sperm or eggs please visit Bourn Hall’s donor website,

Read more about Bourn Hall’s donor treatment options.

Find out about Bourn Hall’s free IVF options for donors.

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