Could you give the greatest gift?

Could you become an egg or sperm donor and gift someone the chance of a baby?

For many people their only chance of realising their hope of having a baby is through IVF treatment with donated eggs or sperm. With a national shortage of donors, people can face an emotional and uncertain time whilst they wait for a suitable donor to be found.

Becoming a donor is a rewarding experience and is one of the most generous gifts you can give. Personal motivations for considering donating may vary, but one thing our donors all share is a desire to help others achieve their dream of having a family.

This was the motivation of one of our sperm donors, he says he had decided to donate as he didn’t want children himself, but had seen the emotional impact of infertility on his friends. He decided it was the thing that he could do that would make the biggest difference to the life of someone else.

Sarah chose to egg-share when she had IVF treatment at Bourn Hall and baby Esmé was conceived first time.

Making the decision to donate

It was after benefiting from donated sperm for her IUI treatment, that Sarah decided that she would share her eggs when she had IVF treatment.

Sarah’s IVF was successful and she now has a baby Esmé “Being an egg donor makes me feel amazing; you can request an update about how it has worked for someone else. I honestly cannot wait to find out – that would be the next best thing to come out of this.

“For the sperm donor the words ‘thank you’ will never be enough. People who donate have no idea how much they change people’s lives and make their dreams come true. Even though I have never met him, he has helped to give me a beautiful baby girl and for that he will forever be my hero.”

Egg donation

To become an egg donor you need to be healthy, aged between 18-35, with no family history of serious or inherited illnesses.

Our team will start by talking you through the medical and testing procedures. All donors receive free implications counselling which gives you an opportunity to ask all the questions that you want and to gain independent advice and information.

If this is something that you would like to explore, we would be delighted to hear from you and to explain more.

Package for Egg Share Providers includes the following without charge:

Medical and nursing care
All in-treatment laboratory tests and procedures
Drugs up to pregnancy test
Monitoring and scanning
Cyst aspiration (if required)
Local anaesthetic or Intravenous sedation (for egg collection procedure only)
Egg collection

Embryo transfer
HFEA registration fee
First year storage
Pregnancy urine test
Pregnancy ultrasound scan
Follow-up consultation (if taken within two months of treatment completion)

Fees are payable for the initial consultation and screening tests that are required to determine eligibility for this free package of IVF treatment.

Egg sharing offers multiple benefits

Alternatively, if you need IVF treatment yourself (or want to freeze your eggs for social reasons) then you can egg-share and receive a free standard IVF treatment package along with all your medication up to your pregnancy test, reducing the overall cost of your own treatment.

As a sperm sharer you would also receive a free standard IVF package, but without the medication.

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