Highlights of 2019: First holistic fertility event held to support mind and body

Our Wickford fertility clinic is one of the UK’s most advanced patient-centric fertility centres, in June 2019 it held its first Holistic Fertility Event.

Stress isn’t the cause of infertility, but struggling to conceive is stressful and it can make it more difficult to get pregnant. At Bourn Hall we recognise that your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing all play an important role in boosting fertility and the success of treatments.

Holistic fertility at heart of new approach

Our Wickford clinic brings together fertility specialists, counsellors and complementary therapists all under one roof with the aim of helping ‘the whole person’ at every stage of their fertility journey. The emphasis on fertility health and wellbeing is at the heart of the new approach to the patient experience at the clinic, which, combined with personalised fertility treatments, aims to maximise success rates for patients.

Alison Williamson is one of the complementary therapists who works alongside us at Bourn Hall Wickford and says that ‘self-care’ is vital for both body and mind.

“Not falling pregnant causes emotional stress which leads to small events being exaggerated and taking longer to recover from,” says Alison.

Stress hormones vs reproductive hormones

Holistic approach to fertility 10She continues: “When we are stressed we release stress hormones such as cortisol which upsets the balance of our reproductive hormones which can then have a negative effect on our menstrual cycle, libido and sperm count.

“Stress hormones are essential for helping us through a short-term life threatening situation which at one time would have been a sabre-toothed tiger but which has now been replaced with a constant barrage of emails and life admin, not enough sleep which can lead to poor food choices, the commute on the packed train or motorway and of course, the emotional stress of not falling pregnant month after month.

“Our modern day stress is prolonged and consistent which depletes our reserves and leaves us running on empty.

“Have an honest look at your emotional stress and be really honest about what it is that you need and start where you can. Small consistent acts of self-care will reduce your stress hormones and build your resilience for the journey ahead.”

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